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    Hi guys
    A lot of articals talk about adjusting the Top hat clearance, Mine doesnot have allen keys. It appears to be machined out of one piece of steel?? Anyone know anything about these. [Can’t get the pictures to download




    Thanx for the advice. Cranked it up to 5 and it shoots like a dream. Now for the fine tuning. My tophat does not have any adjustable parts.
    this is what my top hat looks like.[/img]. Should I be ordering another one?


    You bought it used?

    Tim Wilsom and Lemak made one peice top hats. You dont need to replace it, its just not adjustable. As far as I know no new guns come with a one peice version.

    Why do you need to adjust it? having a problem?


    Don’t know if I need to adjust it just read the article on fine tuning it and thought I would try it. The rifle was suposedly new (one month old)

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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