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A friend has a flashy new .25 Condor from Air Hog. Neat gun for sure.

However, it seems the setscrews weren’t tight and now he doesn’t have the original setting for the top hat. AFAIK this is a stock tank/valve, hammer and spring.

Does anyone have a suggested clearance for him? He’s shooting Kodiaks.


Doug Owen

Airforce Rifles/Pistols

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So you loosen those tiny allen screws and it “slides” up and down or “screws” up and down? Is it threaded? What’s the factory top hat setting? I’m learning guys. Thanks for being patient. Look forward to the day I can offer advice.


Thanks Doug. I’ll refer back to this post once I have my gun in hand to see what your talking about.

The top hat is the bit on the end of the valve stem the sliding breech slips over after loading.

It screws up and down, being held by a tiny screw through it’s ‘brim’. The gap under it controls tha amount of air released.

Doug Owen

I probably shouldn’t ask this more than once but…..I will anyway. What is the top hat?

And thanks for the welcome (although I’ve lurked here a bit). Truth be known I’ve been driven here by that scourge of all mankind, Tony (that’s ‘Trojan’ not ‘S’). He handed me his SS on a Ground Squirrel hunt, with that grin and innocent way of his, and I got hooked.

Great write up of a great hunt:


Don’t miss the part where I shot the same fence three times in a row…..

Neat guns in a strange way, function over form for sure.

Doug Owen

Good to see you found your way over here Doug.

From what I have measured on RandyHubs setup that works very well I might add 🙂
Set the tophat gap to 0.095″ and that .25 should be a fire breather provided it has the New Style valve bits installed.

self proclaimed expert 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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