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    New to forum first post.
    Have enjoyed reading all the great posts, and bought a new TalonSS C02.

    Have been shooting it since it came in on the 12th Apr 2008. Been running all different pellets I had on hand through it, scope was backordered so been shooting with open sites, at first was sceptical about them, but they dailed in and have been shooting great.

    But to the problem, I just had been shooting the day before and shot about 100 rounds through it, and today when I just had to shoot it some more, when I cocked it the top hat fell out, I thought oh know it broke, but after looking at it, nothing seemed broken so I atempted to just put it back in. It went in fine and with just a little pressure when all the way in like before, and it seemed to shoot fine again.
    My question is this alright, or is somthing missing, it is shooting fine and everything is OK ? OK to shoot and just pay attention that it is in place.



    I don’t own a CO2 tank but looking at the photos of one it appears to have the same top hat configuration as HPA. The top hat in threaded onto the steam and locked in place by two grub screws (.050” hex). The top hat adjustment affects the velocity of the gun and requires a Chrony to test, for best results. Look here:


    If you mean the tophat and stem came out together, no problem; it seats into the derlin valve inside the valve body. The one on my SS with hpa is a very tight fit, the one in my new co2 adapter is just a snug push fit (it is easy to pull from the valve body, but has not come out on its own).


    Thanks for the replys, my bad, it was the tophat and stem together that came out.
    I feel better knowing nothing is wrong.

    Am loving this gun, very fun to shoot, can’t wait to get my scope.

    Thanks Again


    Also, check the tophat for “burs” around the grub screws or the grub screws slightly protruding from the tophat. My co2 adapter came with a bur/sliver of metal protruding from the grubscrew threads (I polished the outside of the tophat before shooting the first time); but if there is such a condition it may have snagged on the closed breech therefore “pulling” the tophat/stem from the valve upon cocking. If there is, a little polishing/nail file/600 grit emery to clean up the burr would prevent a future occurrence of the same problem.


    Is it that top hat…or the top-hat and valve stem that came off?

    Have had the top hat and valve stem (teh two still firmly set-screwed together come off on one co2 adaptor. Basically, it left the valve seal in place, and the fave stem/top hat came off in one piece (and by doing so, shot co2 like a rocket though the valve….if t wee 3K air, doubt it would have been as non-dangerous).

    From looking at the valve stemp, it had a knurled end and some dark brown/black substance on it. LOOKED like it was knurled and then an attempt to glue it to the derlin valve seal had failed.

    Sent it to AirForce and thy sent another co2 adaptor…which hasn’t failed (yet).

    IF It is as it looks, and the valve seal is glued to the end of the valve stem, it’s likely to fail…nothing much glues derlin.


    Glue/epoxy is used in some mostly newer ones. The older ones had no adhesive used. The end of the stem which fits into the delrin valve seat is knurled. It is easy to press the stem back in, you may need to use a table top to seat it properly. It shouldn’t be slipping out and if it happens regularly i’d send it back to AF. The brass stem guide could be mis shapen, its the only thing i can think of that would cause this problem.

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