OK guys I went and bought a set of allen wrenches that had the .050″ i needed and a made in the good ol U.S.A. made set of feeler guages. My factory setting was .088″. Which I adjusted to .080. Adam I read your sticky and will readjust to .070″ before doing any test. Heres what my plan is…..I know that my gun doesn’t like a 3000 fill, so i’m going to fill to 2500, set P.W. at 3 and use C.P’s over the chrony. Then i’m going to work my way DOWN to .060″ in .002″ increments over 10 shots, recording the velocity of each shot. Then I will recharge to 2500, taking note at what psi it had dropped to before beginning my fill. Set top hat back to .070″ and work UP to .080″ in .002″ increments, recording the velocity of each shot for another 10 shots. Then recharge to 2500 again. Noting psi level before it started to fill. This will tell me the difference in air usage compared to velocity. Then depending on my results I may go from .080″ to .090″ again in .002″ increments to see what that does. Tell me if this is a good test plan or what I need to do otherwise.

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I adjusted mine all the down to .070 (from .088 factory setting). Don’t know if it’s ok to go any lower??? Because then the threads would be sticking out past the top hat. Also I have read that it all goes out the window as soon as I go to a heavier or lighter pellet. Right now I’m filling to 2000 and refilling at 1000. Need to order some Kodiaks asap. btw my friends was .099 from the factory, so those of you who haven’t measured yours, if your not happy with how it’s performing definately take a close look at the gap. Another btw if you don’t have feeler gauges or a mic. a loose measurement would be to match up the top of the hat with the threads, make them even and you should be close to .070. That is, ASSuming these things are made similarly. Which may be a very risky assumption. If you make the top of your top hat even with the threads and can’t get any power then go back to where you were. Some ppl. use playing cards as a guide. Has anyone measured several top hats to check for consistency? What about measuring the shank or threads of several tanks to see if they are the same?

Yea thats just it. When i sent in the bottle, It came back sensitive. If I ever want to shoot 16 grain pellets again, I will most likely have to fill the bottle to 150 bar.

Well I tried to do some testing this morning, but the rain came along. Will try before the weekend is up.

In a general sense, yes. More gap more air can pass. Depends upon how hard you hit the valve as to how much opening you will get re PW.

Maybe I have this back asswards. I was thinking the larger the number the more air used per shot? Put another way, .095 is going to use more air per shot than .060????

Just did all this two months ago. AF took my tank and gave me a new valve.

With this new tank, the never-ending search for the sweet spot started. My

setup is stock condor except A TimW hammer. I was refusing to work at

anything less than 3000 PSI starting and finally marched the top hat down to

.045. Right now, I have found a setting that I can live with and until I get to

spend more time with it. TopHat .045, filled to 195 bar, PW set at 3 and I get

1050FPS with Kodiacs. This gives me about 15 shots with a 8FPS deviation.

@ 36 yards I get .5″ groups but gets unstable at 50 yards. Made a couple

of great shots on tree rat.

I’ve heard of top hats as far out as .095. What’s the lowest setting anyone suggest. I know it’s going to change when I try the Kodiaks. I was thinking about trying .060 with the C.P.’s and see how close I can get to 950. I do prefer a bell shaped curve Vs. a straight downward velocity string. My initial setting was .088 from the factory. BUT when my gun got to its “sweet spot” as far as pressure went, I couldn’t seem to slow the C.P.’s down enough even with the P.W. at 0. I don’t know that I would gain anything by filling to 2700 on MY particular gun. I think i’m going to shoot for 2500 and refill at 2000.

Here’s my thoughts.

Start with PW midway, say #8. Tank filled to 2700psi. Shoot over chrony recording velocity until max fps is achieved and starts to string downward. refill tank and note remaining pressure. this will be the pressure where everything is functioning at its best. Do you want a shot “curve”? ie start a little low, build to max fps, drop back down; or do you want a steady downward velocity string ie start out max and loose a little fps each shot?

For a “shot curve” add approx 2-300psi to the above ending pressure this will be your fill pressure.

For a hi-lo shot string, the ending pressre will be your fill pressure.

Now adjust your TH in 1/4 turn increments upward then downward for 5-10 shots at each setting, topping off tank between each shot string. The shot string with the best average of consistency and velocity will be your top hat setting, measure and record for future reference.

Keep in mind that this setting will be different if you change pellets ie from cp’s to kodiacs so if you intend to utilize multiple pellets this process will have to be repeated for each one and the appropriate tophat setting recorded.

By setting up this way with initial pw setting in the middle, you can adjust velocity with the pw either up or down and still have a near optimum th setting.

I’ve got my th at .087 , pw @6, 1050 +/- , Kodiaks,13.9 gr .20 cal. Fill is 2700, will start having noticeable drop in trajectory after 40/or so shots. That’s a lot of starlings. Refill 1800. Cool thing is poi for Kodiaks is the same for eunjin , 23.7, with the pw @ 11. Much more punch with the eunjin and more sound. My neighbors don’t mind so far. There used to seeing me shooting some weapon,bow or airgun, gives them piece of mind knowing help is close by to deal with varmints.


N.P. Adam. Nah i’m not going to pester Tony till I’m ready to part with some hard earned. I’ll give my ideas a run or someone else will be along to give some advice. Hell it’s half the fun right?

I never read that shit….LOL

Sam. I have ZERO experience with the Condor and would not want to steer you wrong. Pester Tony until he gives you answer where a good starting point would be.

Psst, Wok… check his signature

What kind of gun are you shooting?

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