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Hey Guy’s,

I thought I’d try adjusting my .20 cal. condors top hat as per instructions that WalkonKing provided. After starting at .070, at a power wheel setting of 4 and working my way wider, I found a series of small increases in velocity, 25 to 50 fps. When I adjusted to .087, the increase in velocity jump up by 154 fps. Is this the “sweet spot” I’ve been reading about?

Also, has anyone had any problems with Crosman Premium Grade fallen out of the barrel before shooting or I’m I doing some thing wrong?

Thanks, Mike17670 ❓

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Hey Mike what works for you on the Kodiaks? As far as fill pressure, T.H. setting, P.W. #?

I think JSB’s are made from softer lead compared to the Kodiaks. So therefor they deform better when engaging the riflling.

Ok Guy’s,

Just used a caliper on three different pellets measuring the “dome” and the “skirt”
“Dome” “Skirt”

Crosman .196 .202

Kodak .198 .207

Exact .201 .208

These are averages of 5 pellets per manufacture. All were reasonably constant.

Could explain the “feel” difference while loading.

Mike 17670

It’s all the pellets. Every other brand I’ve tried , I feel a slight resistance while loading into the barrel. The Crosman slips right in with no resistance. Normal?

How about my other question about the “sweet spot”, am I on track here?

Thanks, Mike 😛

make sure the pellet is seating totally flush before you shoot it. If it falls out of the barrel it is either the wrong caliber or a “pee wee”

You might of had a smaller cal. pellet make its way into your tin??? Or is it all the pellets?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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