Toilet Bashing with a .25 Condor

I was thinking this was going to be easy, no way man freaking toilets are tough 😆 and I shot it from 20 yards this time. After inspecting the victim I could see the best places to hit it was on the flate spots so no ricochets would happen and attacking the tank and base looked to be the best places to start. After 25+ shots with EunJin 42.8gr pellets at 85fpe and sucking my fill tank down to 2800psi the Toilet goes down for the count and some spots on this toilet was 1/2″ thick in places. I informed my neighbor what I was going to do and it was going to be loud due to the smacking sound from the toilet and he was cool about. After 10 shots he said he could hear the toilet but not the gun. I made the kids stand behind a security screen door with safety glasses and watch.

That was fun
Pat J.

Check out the exit hole 😀

And down he goes. More fun than with a sledgehammer 😀

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one move and the shitter gets it!!THATS POWER, 👿 👿

Shooting the shit… gives it new meaning.

Never though of using a toilet as a redneck chrony. nice!

Sweeeet 😀

Quite a unique way of displaying the kind of power these guns can put out.. cool… never thought of shooting a shitter!

That is one cool looking exit wound!!!! 😯

Only on TAG!! Taking the work out of a sledgehammer and making it FUN as a bonus 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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