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    I was wondering how many of you guys put slings on your Crickets to help carry them in the woods. I really don’t want to drill my stock are they any other options.. If so lets see what you have on yours. :whistle:



    Tried it, used an attachment to the scope rail.Seemed to move point of aim. Removed it. Worked to carry the gun. POI shift was the deal breaker.



    was that a picatinny attachment that uses a single attachment sling, Clip goes to rail sling goes around your neck and goes back to rail?
    Anyway I got mine on the back of the picatinny rail Very back towards the but,
    I tried mine in the middle and got a POI change, So far towards the back has done the trick, 22 and 25 Crickets, Just a walk around not a lot of field hunting,
    I tried putting one on the front and one on the back, but the gun (25) never felt centered,




    This is a pic of my Taipan Veteran with a single point sling purchased at Sports Academy. No drilling and gun hangs at my side when slinged over my head and shoulder. Easy access while stalking for squriells. Hangs at my hip like a pistol in a holster.

    Sorry…tried to ad a picture but says too large, ERROR




    iride, it has been 2 years. Yes, attached under scope. I will try attaching on the rear of the scope rail.

    I bought a RAW .25 LRT. Been busy with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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