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To Choke Or Not To Choke, That Is The Question

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    I just bought an 18 inch .25 LW barrel for my project Talon SS and I desire to shorten it to 16 inches to allow me to put some baffling inside the frame. My question is which end of the barrel to machine. Since I will be shooting diabolo pellets, should I keep the choke? It will certainly be much easier to machine the muzzle end and re-crown it than machine the breech end, but will my accuracy be greatly affected by losing the choke?


    That is a good question. Most lw barrels are in the .254″ size area and the choke brings them down to the .249″ area.

    Don’t know how JSB’s work on that loose of a barrel. I know that you don’t have to have a choke if you have the right barrel.

    I have a .25 auto barrel from TJ’s that is .25010″ and it shoots JSB’s exellent with no choke.


    With the LW’s, you will loose accuracy if you remove the choke. Iv’e done it and so has many a folk here on the TAG

    Like Doug stated, its OVER 253-254 from breech till the last 2″ of the muzzle where its choked down to roughly .249. I’ve heard that the LW barrels vary greatly BEFORE the choke.

    So what i’m saying is……….standard practice is to cut the breech end and remachine it. The choke is about the last 1.5-2″ of the muzzle.

    Now, if you somehow have the equipment (rollers) to accurately RECHOKE the muzzle then go for it.


    Thanks guys. I have pretty much decided to machine the breech end. I am going to have to machine a lead in anyway.


    Have any of you shortened the amount of choke, ie cutting some from the choke end and then machining the breech?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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