thoughts on a bam b-50

I have been considering one of these since i can’t seem to locate another ss of my likeing… anybody have one or any reports on them

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i love my b51

however i went a different path than those found on the net….i found a simpler solution …you just need to lower the springs preload….the spring guide you just remove about 1.5mm from sp the spring can strech a bit more and lowers preload and reassemble…no need to remove hammer or anything but the spring guide which is easily accesed…did you cut off too much ass a shim…no problem

your all set no further mod needed…

i can get 40 shots in .177 within 9fps spread with CPH around 18fpe

if you remove the barrel weight…the barrel will need to be crowned….at least mine did…i just wouldnt shot stright with out the muzzle weight…but with it was fine…i gave it a new crown…and now it shoots good both with and without !

ohh but i also gotta mention i love my AA410erb even more….and it has replaced both the SS and the B51 duties as squirrel and what not killer…so likely in the future the b51 will become something else

Cygnusx has the b51 – thumbhole version in .177. He really likes it.

I’ve shot it, and its very accurate. He lowered the power per instructions you can find on the Yellow Chinese airgun forum and its very consistant.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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