This is the "Real Deal"….. Holyfield

Lacking a chrony, the easiest way for me to gauge the power of my .25 Condor (the one Tony built for me) is to just go out and shoot shit up… then assess the damage done. I got me a well weathered 2×6 and spray painted some bullseyes using an old CD as a template. I placed the 2×6 up against a small tree and using the range finder on my Bushnell determined the target was 47 yards away. While I was sighting her in, the .25 Kodiaks were blowing CLEAN thru the 2×6 and knocking chunks out of the backdrop tree. The rest of the groups speak for themselves.

In one of the pictures taken at 6:33PM you can see the 3 bullseyes stacked vertically on the target board. The top one is what I was using to sight the rifle in. I took a picture of the tree trunk behind the board of the uppermost bullseye to give you an idea of the power of this thing.

If you look CLOSELY at the picture that features the pick up trucks and the Sun in the background you can see the 2×6 resting against the trees.

Damn, my .25 kicks ass. 🙂

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Looks like thats .25 is stackin.Nice groups.

NOW….Thats what I want to hear. Very impressive and thanks for the pic’s. 😀

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