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    I just finished the third (and last) homebuilt gun of this winter.
    .25 cal. , 24 inch LW barrel, Extra long shroud.
    Extra high scope mount to see over a 4500 psi, 68 cubic inch tank.
    Easily makes 1050 FPS with 31 grain Kodiaks.
    Home anodised. Homebuilt grips.
    Two stage trigger.
    Push on / Push off , brass safety button.
    Extra strong, threaded on muzzle end plug.
    Leapers 50 MM, 16 power, AO scope.

    I have not got it out to the woods yet, maybe this weekend.
    I still need to work on the trigger pull, its a little heavy, at 6 pounds.
    Gotta profile and polish the sear.
    I am still learning on the anodising, as you can see.
    Cocking action is Smooth!
    I should be able to get a lot of high power shots from the BIG tank,



    Congratulations that is great.

    Now go fourth and build another 😛


    WOW that is mean looking and I like it!!! 😀


    That looks pretty mean.. Just the tool for cleaning out the wood chucks.



    Thanks Guys!

    The fit, finish, and anodizing turned out good on the trigger housing. If you notice, the trigger guard is a lighter color than the trigger housing. I think my acid and/or dye baths were getting old / used up. The barrel shroud is a dark metalic gray / green. I used the same acid and black RIT dye. The barrel shroud was last to be anodized and it turned out the lightest color.

    Put a “hotter” valve on the carbon fiber tank. It sends 31 grain Kodiaks down range at 1150 FPS for 90 FPE. You can hear the supersonic crackk!!Way more power than I need or want!! Was using a 3200 PSI fill – can still go up on the pressure.

    More pictures:


    Follow up report.

    I been playing with hammer weight. Adjusted the hammer to produce 975 FPS maximum, with 31 grain kodiaks @ 2800 PSI.

    Today I filled it to 3200 PSI, and shot two test shots @ about 950 FPS.
    Then took it out into the woods and shot another 42 shots.
    When I got home I shot another 2 shots @ about 935 FPS.
    Checked the pressure and it was 2500 PSI, thats 46 shots @ about 60+ FPE, and only using 700 PSI.
    It looks like it will give about 60 full power shots on a fill.

    Very quiet at this power level.
    Producing 1 inch groups at 50 yards.



    That is awesome. 💡 Now for a valve w/ regulator set to about 2600psi. You could use the full 4500 fill capacity and probably get upwards of 175 full power shots. 😈 😀

    Great job.



    Yah your right! A regulator would capture the additional capacity of the tank. I am not sure I’am up to building the regulator — McMike!!



    Look for “in tank regulator” in the quick ref section. Some really good ideas.


    looks great , all the pictures . nice idea with the grip .

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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