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The New Talonairgun forum…state of the union

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    Much has changed over the last few months. The TOG is dead. The TAG (or is it officially TAF?) is now thriving.

    Many of the holdovers have come over. Some sooner than others. Some out of a necessity to feed their addiction,
    matters not, all seem to have been welcomed with open arms. Hell, if they’ll let DH in, they’ll let anyone in… 😆

    Some things havent changed.

    Y still makes wise ass cracks and keeps me in wonderment as to if he is yanking my chain or being serious. 😯

    Anthony STILL has the coolest toys, but now he makes some of them for others. 😎

    Tron still gives logic and thought in most of his posts. I’m wondering if he lives high atop a mountian somewhere.

    Some things have evolved…

    WOK seems to be the #1 spokesman (spokesperson?) and throws out where ever he posts.

    Others have delved in woodwork and have become quite competent.
    Still others have built entire guns.

    Aesthetic mods are still abound as in the old days, but now more and more performance mods such as valves and such showing up. Some of us may remember the heavy hammers of old, a spark plug socket. Gone are those days.

    Some things will evolve…

    We will lose Lama when and if he discovers tail and cars.

    Predictions for the TAG (TAF?)

    Gamebred, Jlee, and Bassjacker will make a cameo. Jlee will stay long enough to give a glimpse into Area 51 and will either slip into another alcohol induced trance for a while, or will finally be abducted.

    Gamebred will return long enough to see how things are going and will again be swept into the abyss. He will retire from service, move to
    Nevada and open up a brothel where all the old members of the now defunct TOG will get discounts. Lama’s mom will work there.

    Bassjacker will return after a long haitus and will draw up a cool new logo for the TAG (TAF?)

    WOK will start to produce and sell his now famous buttpad on his Talon. AF will soon take note of the sales and begin offering all Talons with the same design of buttpad and grip. Hell will also freeze over and Rosie O’Donnell
    will slim down, denounce lesbianism, and make the cover of Playboy.

    Last prediction… TAG (TAF?) will be the name on everyones lips when they think of AirForce Airguns.

    Maybe I’ll get one prediction right.

    Again, my thanks to those with better foresight than I for creating the forum.


    Glad to see everyone on board. When the TAF is recognized on the forums I can take a vacation. But until them I am on watch.

    Don never should have told us
    “If you don’t like it there is the door, Leave, I don’t think anyone will miss you”.

    Well I could not let him be right now could I? Do you think he misses us NOW…LOL

    Thanks to all the GREAT Members we are breathing a breath of fresh air and are getting settled in.


    Great read Rob. You are quite the wordsmith.

    We are proud of you, all the TOG Misfits, and all the new members who now make this place home.

    The thing we have to do now is stick to one name.

    TAF…….Talon Airgun Foum


    TAG……Talon Airgun Group

    Thanks again,


    I feel a POLL coming on…


    Would you like the honors….


    TAG is also a watch brand worn by Steve McQueen.

    TAG is also a body spray that after your spray it on a bunch
    of girls start chasing you. 😀


    Thanks guys…. at least my post had *some* value as it’s going to nail down a name for the forum! 😆


    Nah. Cars won’t get me. I’ve looked at them, don’t interest me much. Unless it’s a ferrari, (dad says I’m not getting one for christmas) I don’t care much. I’ll stick with guns.

    Tail, on the other hand…..



    Cars transport you to tail. Cars offer a place to get tail. Trucks are better… vans are best, but the odds of getting said tail while driving a van are decreased.


    Ha. Great advice. 😛

    I have a pretty little ’99 monte carlo I drive. I love my car. If it ever breaks (hopefully it won’t) I’m going to go find another just like it. 🙂

    Sure, it doesn’t have a 200mph top speed, but who needs that? The governer thing on my car kicks in a 105mph, I don’t think I need any more that.

    Besides, who needs a car when daddy has a plane? 😈


    As goofy as Lama is he is gonna need a hot car to get some tail.



    Or a thick wallet. Don’t have either.



    If I’ve told you guys once, I’ve told you a hundred f@$king times…..

    Lama couldn’t get laid in a womans prison with a fistful of pardons…. 😛



    WWEEEEEEEE! says it all. Poor Lama 😆

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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