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The FX guns are killing me LOL.

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    LOL Tin boat
    Dont read stuff into my post, Sometimes I come across wrong, I should have set down with no stress and typed out my problems a little better, My fault,
    Man I would love to have a one on one shoot out with you, That would be cool. I will be adding a LDC just because I like them super quite.
    In the seven years I have been in the PCps i HAVE Never seen another PCP gun in person other than my own, I live in Midland/Odessa close to 400,000 people, Boom town.
    I would love to see Ted get hold of a Mutant,
    Steves own guns are Crickets ,
    quote=”BigTinBoat”]Who knows, maybe the FX guys are bustin their owns guns up too and posting they got them like that? :suprisedn:

    BTW – only FX I own is a WC .177 so it’s easy enough to fix yourself if something goes wrong. I got $1K in it with the Huma reg, bettin it’s just as much a lazer as the Vulcan only I’m sure it’s much quieter w/o adding $150 to the muzzle.[/quote]



    I have had my finger on buying an Edgun so Many times.
    Luck of the draw.
    I guess I just need more money, LOL,



    I know someone who has a Ed gun for sale Mike…..



    Your funny, I need more money and your trying to sell me a Edgun, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I really like my new Vulcan 177, But if I just had to sell one of my guns , It would be my 25 Cricket, Super gun super accurate just does not feel like a bull pup to me, Its long and heavy,
    But I got a light wood stock I need to cut down and a extra Bug buster, That will lighten it up,
    To many irons in the fire,

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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