The EDGE update…..

Here are some facts direct from John McCaslin (AirForce owner) after we spoke at length at the recent 2008 Shot Show.

After holding one of the prototypes on display at the show, I was very amazed by the balance and design of this rifle. Please keep in mind the design focus is geared to the competitive shooter. While many of you are back yard shooters, they are not designing for this purpose; however, it will surely be a great back yard rifle!

Retail will be just under $600.00 for the rifle

As to the anodized color or finish, AF may offer more than just one color. You currently see the one that looks pink, it is however more of a burgundy tone and it looks sweet! We encouraged John to also produce a blue and black as well.

The current plan has a small air reservoir (again for competition shooting) that will require more fills if out in the field. Tank capacity is not confirmed.

The pictures surfacing on the web, Including ours at: http://www.ihttp://www.impactairgun.com/AirForce_EDGE_br_Place_your_o_P395C54.cfmmpactairgun.com are of the prototype model. This is subject to final revisions.

This is sure to be another great platform to work from. We are very impressed with the R & D effort being put into this rifle. The current designed pistol grip is awesome, has a nice feel and will be a favorite! We also recommended to John that they make this grip available as a dealer option (as well as left hand version) that could be installed on current models. Time will tell.

The forward receiver has not reached a final completed design; John mentioned that they are still working on this aspect.

Over all, we are very excited to see this new product hit the market. I speculate that based on John’s comments, we’ll see this rifle made available early summer.

Our first two already have deposits on them! It is great to see that level of excitement on new product.

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Thanks for the mention.

I’m looking forward to more parts to play with and I hope someone breaks it down to share design differences. 😉


Way to get the inside scoop..

Thanks, Kevin 🙂
Good reading 8)

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