The Condor Gods are angry at me….

Must be. Thats the only explanation for it. Ordered a .25 barrel from Tony… got it in and was all excited. Then noticed my tophat was loose and shots were weak as puppy piss.

Got hold of AF and got a new valve. Waited for a while on that… Got to shoot just a couple shots Wednesday with it before dark.

Finally… today… I got to *try* to do a proper string. Didnt get there. I’m using a TimW hammer weight that I’ve had since he first started making them. Didnt bother to put the AF weight in for now.

Started my string using Kodiaks, 31gr. 2800PSI fill PW set to 10

1. 900 11. 954 21. 953
2. 919 12. 954 22. error…. batter dead…. not another in the house.
3. 931 13. 959
4. 928 14. 954
5. 944 15. 944
6. 935 16. 953
7. 946 17. 952
8. 949 18. 955
9. 961 19. 954
10. 949 20. 951

So… I never did get a complete string going. No testing on accuracy as of yet, either. The barrel came from Anthony, so I have no worries on accuracy. Many of you may not know it, but before Anthony was known as a tuner, he was known for consistently producing stellar groups. The test target he sent with my barrel showed it’s potential.

I did 10 other shots after that, but none through the chrony, obviously. I will say that the next 10 sailed through a 2×4 at 16 yards. The last 3 were the 42gr Eun Jins… and they also busted through the 2×4…. 😈

I think I might have a great little light pesting gun here… 😆

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tony- is that MIKE’s gun with the string you posted???

I do have Crow Mags…

YN was kind enough (bad as I hate to say it.. 😆 ) to send me a handful of the 42gr EJ’s to try out. I’m being sparing with them and have only shot around 5 of them.

Jim… Friendly advice… dont deny the voices telling you to go .25. Just go ahead and do it. You cannot resist. I thought I was the last one to fold on .25…haha

Nice Rob looks like you got a good setup coming together. It sounds like the 42 grainers are your favorites? you have any Crow Magnums to try in it? That danged .25 keeps calling my name LOL….

Almost forgot Tony that is one SWEET looking Condor!!!!! those grips are amazing!


Well, at first I did want to go for max power on it, but after seeing that I’m not going to beat YN’s Condor, I decided to act like I just wanted shot count…haha….

Really, I do prefer shot count and accuracy. I’m too lazy to pump and too cheap to use my CF tank on the Condor so I’m thrilled with the numbers I’m getting out of it now.

As for the other…. yes. long overdue, done with a heavy heart; without regret. It took a long time to get there and I didnt want to let it go, but it just wasnt right… on a lot of levels.


Way to go Rob. I just heard a little sumptin, sumptin about you and know you did the right thing.

That velocity is great for the Kodiaks accuracy.

Good Luck,

Anthony…. looking great there. Love the photography with the pellets on the string.

I wont be running mine that hot for sure… I think with the setup I have right now, I’ll treat it like a sore peter and just not f..k with it!

Thanks Tony. I’m still learning about the properties of these AGs. Currently waiting for my air tank to come back from AF with the new HF valve. These shot strings are very encouraging to me.

That’s a gorgeous looking package. There is going to be one happy happy customer not doubt. 😀

The barrel is 23.8 inches.

Rob I just chronied a custom .25 going out this week. Here is a 10 shot string. .25 Kodiaks fill to 2800 psi


Looks like you stopped half way through a beautiful string 👿

What’s the length of your barrel and do you know what the total hammer weight is ? I have a feeling that you have found the perfect set up for the 31g Kodiak. 😀

Akula…. Far from it on both counts…haha I just figured I’d try something other than the “Ralphie from A Christmas Story” avatar for a bit.

As Skybones indicated, if quiet is your goal, you can quiet the report, but the hit will certainly be louder.

I was on the fence with .25 for a long time. I guess I had a bit of little man syndrome and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Certainly the .25 give plenty more wow factor to it. I live out in the country so noise isnt a problem nor is range.

Hoping to get some groups going tonight and see how she does.

AKULA, I made my “shroud” after my .25cal conversion,it’s very basic, but very effective. To answer your q?, the firing sound is gone, but the the target being shot is…,well let’s just say, if your shooting at tanks in your urban area, the ears near that tank will know it’s been shot. The impact of the .25 is much harder. My neighbors now hear,what sounds like a hammer, hitting the 1/2 ” hardened aluminum plate inside the stainless pellet trap

rob3r; You are a god like creature in my eyes. I’d like your assement of the .25 mod as discussed. Then again, your avitar is a bit offing. Is your avitar an indicator of your monsterly hugeness? We’d all like to know.

I’ve considered a Condor mod to .25 through Anthony 266 or Air Hog but for the life of me I can’t find a reason other than the extra whooomp it provides. I do need to have a urban weapon that is quiet. Can the .25 be as quiet as the .22 shrouded Condor?

Please don’t make me revert back to a 12 gauge for vermin control in the city. The neighbors would not be pleased. ALULA.

I think the barrel is 23.5…. close enough.

I’m very happy with it. Just wish I could have done a proper string to really see what she’s doing. Was awesome to see 42gr pellets blow through a 2×4…haha…

I’m not going to worry about bumping up the power any for now. The shot count seems great. I’ll have to see what accuracy does this weekend!

It’s surprising to me how quiet it is… even without the mod, it’s quieter than the old Condor…. new valve? .25? combination?

That looks pretty good. You have a 24″ barrel, right?

Now you just need to sight it in good and go after bear. 😆

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