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    Well, I had a lot of stuff to do lately (school, graduation, work, some other issues), but I finally have gotten around to really playing with my 9mm talon ss. I’ve sighted it in, and it is a TACK DRIVER. Seriously. At 30 yards, it does ragged one hole groups easily. What I’ve noticed is that my 9mm (actually closer to .350) really prefers 000 buckshot over traditional slugs. To be specific, it prefer’s Hornady 000 buckshot, which is ridiculously cheap, and of excellent weight. Another excellent thing about the buckshot is that it is soft enough to mushroom! I know. It sounds bizzare, but it really does mushroom and fragment. Tuned to about 130fpe, the gun gets approximately 10-12 good shots at between 900 and 950 fps starting at 2100psi with the tophat at its lowest setting. Unfortunately, if I pump it up to 3000psi, It starts out at 500fps and goes up from there until leveling off in the 900s. Nevertheless, I’m getting perfectly acceptable shotcount and power.

    The only real problems that I have had with blodnob’s work so far is that the breech is a little sticky. Perhaps it doesn’t fit quite right, or the handle is a little too far up. It might actually be the bluing that is causing the sticking problems. The other problem (which really isn’t much of a problem) is that I can’t really shoot above 2100 psi. Everything else is great. I’m going to expand on this when I can, and put up some pictures. I’ll be in alaska all next week, so it will probably be after that.

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