The $8 Grip

Makes handling 1000% nicer and it definitely won’t move once you get the sucker on (you’ll need pliers to get it on but soooo worht the effort!).

Take note that this grip is designed for the FRONT grip on a tactical shotgun. The rear grip won’t work.

I found this one at the local gunshop for $8 and I felt like I was stealing while purchasing it! And like the Airforce rifles, made in the good ol’ USA!


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i ask many gunshop,out of stock

I’ll ask the gunshop I got mine at if they will share their source.

it took me well over a month to find one that was in stock and wasn’t charging $20 for shipping.(I wont even click on those crooks)I ordered many just to end up informing the company that they too were out as well, and to let them practice refunding my credit card. the nice lady I ordered from said she had one left in the garage, and she had been trying to order more for quite some time now with no luck.

I think your best bet to find one is to start calling all the gun shops you can find to see if they just might have one laying around.

GooD LucK

all the link it’s dead.

any one know where to buy this grip?

I left my grip at the bottom, didint like the way my small finger had to go underneath the grip.I also filled all the voids in the grip with hot glue so they’re not squshee [/img]

I sent my money to arizonagunrunners through mail on monday of this week. The grip came today. here are some pics of before and after.

What? Dis-continued? We were just getting them to sell like hotcakes and now they pull them off the market?

^ Yeah me too, just placed an order with them as well. I have got 4 mods/accessories coming this week! thats going to be fun 😀

Tried everywhere to get this grip,everyone said discontinued until arizonagunrunners.Thanks for the link doc! 😀

It does not leave any mess on your gun after taking it off, that is because it does not actually stick to your gun, it sticks to itself.

I haven’t taken it off yet, but it’s like a rubber sleeve.

quote 121DOC:

it is and it’s really easy to put on. thanks!

Does it come back off without making a mess?

it is and it’s really easy to put on. thanks!

Thanks. Hey DOK, is that the camo form camouflage tape? Looks great!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)

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