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    I’m Hoping the springer section here takes off like the fun Bullpup section and attracts the same kind of fun Shit Talk / Information sharing !! TAG is not monitored and edited like some other forums so guys can be guys !!!!! Hell yeah



    Hell yeah!! Even die-hard pcp’rs have room in their cabinet for a nice springer. Hey Joe, i’m BillE. over on the YF. Like your posts, i think we’re kinda on the same wavelength on a lot of stuff.



    Hey Bill !!!/ Yep u think like me :). I’m entering my first online competition today . I’ll post pics in. A bit ……First thing I Learned ……True you gun up before shooting for score Dummass



    I think this is great! I was shooting my 1906 BSA just a little bit ago. I have a couple of PCPs, but I have this thing for sproingers.


    Thanks Joe for suggesting this and thanks Tony for responding!
    I’m gonna reincarnate my old ’80’s vintage R1 and see what happens! Back when I used to shoot it, I didn’t even know about the “artillery hold” or any of that stuff the springer boys talk about now-a-days. No tellin’ what that old gun is capable of. I used to shoot it in my back yard and impress folks by shooting pennies off the top board of my fence at 35 yards. I’m gonna see if it will still do that… back later with a report…



    Yep we gonna need an update !!! I’m right on the verge of getting me another break barrel gun . I loved my HW 30 but the barrel lock up gave out …Before it did it kicked Asssss



    Your welcome guys…
    Good suggestion Joe, please spread the word.
    We always want to be on top of our game….
    Thanks, Tony


    Well, I dug it out of the vault last night… Haven’t shot it yet, but I have one of those JSP pellet assortments I bought some time back that I think I’ll play with to find out what it likes… It’s got the .22 barrel on it right now so I’ll start with that. It’s the “carbine length” so I’m not sure what to expect. I do know that the original .177 barrel was a good one and I still have it. With the long weekend coming up, may be some dead turtles floatin’ in my pond after gettin’ “springer-shot!”



    SWS share pics of the R1 when you get a chance ! There’s something really cool about the older guns , they age well


    Will do Joe… I shot it at my 50 yard target in the back yard last night and put 4 or 5 Crosman HP’s in about a 2″ spread… I was surprised I even hit the paper… Was getting close to dark so being encouraged that it still shoots, I hope to get back to it some this weekend. Will try to post up pics this evening or tomorrow when I get home from work… never even thought about takin’ pics… :confusedn: :smilen:



    :dito: yeah, Thanks, Tony and Joe, great idea.
    Always kept shooting both, my PCPs and springers and I have the feeling that practice with those spring-kickers helped taking my PCP shooting to the next level as well.
    Tore all of them apart and tuned them, well some time it worked out instantly and some time it took some more time, so some experiemce to share, though not on Rob’s level (yet), still so much to learn!!!



    I wonder what happened to Joe, He does not post on Tag anymore…



    He was posting more on the Yellow forum. Maybe there isn’t enough springer posting going on here.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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