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    Will a Texan valve thread into a TT carbon fiber tank? I haven’t seen any threads in here about it, and I haven’t seen any pictures of it.



    I finally found my answer:

    The Texan DOES HAVE the same thread as a Condor valve: M18-1.5. So the TT CF tank WILL work with the valve.



    Yeah it is the exact same as the Condor/Talon. Don’t know why they don’t make a bigger tank, at least a 1 litre!



    true- or start offering that CF tank as a factory option…

    Or maybe use a 62 cu in 3k psi tank like Dyotat100 does on his .257 builds… I mean, SOMETHING…

    I’m sure they have the money and resources to have a 480 cc 4500 psi CF tank to be made. I mean, they HAVE to know their guns perform better with slightly more air than 3k, and of course more available air. AF always does this… they don’t listen to the people who tinker and modify. It’s sad, and they miss out on a lot of great additions to their guns.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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