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Texan Carbine Finally Arrived 357

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    Sighted in at 50yards.

    145 Noslers
    Shot real well.
    Shot 1: 3000psi
    Shot 2 : 2800psi
    Shot 3 : 2600psi
    Is that about normal?
    I did not use a chrony…its on order.

    But at the same hundred yards aiming above the bullseye I couldn’t even hit the target but hit the 2×4 ( complete pass through) below the target about 10 inches below the point of aim.
    Can you tell me what is going on?
    I also noticed that the bottle was loose….firmly attached just a lot of movement…could this have anything to do with the inaccuracy? 
    Would adjusting the power wheel up or down help? I have a hard time believing that the round dropped by 10″ at 100yards.

    This target was at the 50yards

    Once I came home I tightened all the screws, bolts and the tank. Is the gun capable of a 100 plus yards? There is not a lot of information on the Carbine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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