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    Putting together parts for a .257 build. Still deciding on Talon SS or Condor, but in the meantime, I received one of Doug valves and figured for shits and giggles, let’s put the bottle on the Talonp and see what it’s about.

    3K fill, 16″ barrel, TT spring, powerwheel 0…NSA 55.5gr HP. 924fps for 105fpe!😲🤗.

    I have more testing to continue, have to go to another location as this is really too much for my normal 25 yard sight in area, but definitely off to a very good start.


    I was fortunate enough to get Doug to build a Condor .25, crossover: slug or pellet (by switching bottles). If you can handle the length/size, the Condor will give to more zip and possibly more accuracy.


    Anyone know where I can find an exploded diagram of a TalonP?

    I picked up a nice used one and want to restore the safety to “auto-on upon cocking”. I’ve got the parts but that safety setup is complex and lots of little parts to fly off into the universe!

    Kindly ‘Ol Uncle Hoot


    Anybody have a link to Doug Noble’s web site if he has one?


    He doesn’t have a website.


    Just to be clear, the final resting place for my tank with Noble valve is not on my Talonp. It was a test while I decide on Condor or Talon.
    I’ve almost had guns that I could work with, but the deals ended up not working out, plus had a couple other projects all at the same time.
    But it’s good to bring along power in a bottle for those moments I need a bit more zip.

    Doug can be reached my just emailing him.

    There’s a link in this article, same one I used because his PM box was full.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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