Target style grip/ foregrip, stealth like updated 4/10

What do you guys think of this setup. Have been working on it for a week in my spare time. Working out the new foregrip design, is pretty simple in the end, but getting there not always, brain farts and such 😆 . Let me know what you think of the set, i think its pretty slick and goes with the frame. I’ll have 2 sets available. 1. the walnut w/ Cocobolo end caps and 2. bedlinered Poplar w/ Walnut end caps. I’ll rip the bottom of the grip off and add the Coco to it same as the poplar grip. One of these days. The poplar foregrip pic on a angle shows the profile of the foregrip the best. Lighting wasn’t the greatest. I will try and finish the poplar foregrip today and bedliner it, that will show off the angles and end cap a whole lot better.

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One thing I would like to see on the fore-stock, is an indentation of some sort to enable repeatable positioning when using steady-stix. With the way the angle changes down the length of it, it makes it tough for me to get a repeatable rest on steady stix in the field.

Just an idea.

Here is some fresh pics, still finishing the grips and foregrips need finishing, but you can get a good idea of how they’ll look done. I posted some more pics of other works in the gallery area if interested.

First foregrip is Poplar and Walnut, the poplar is bedlinered and the Walnut cap has been polyurethaned the grip will be similar with a Walnut cap on the bottom and bedlinered on the rest.

Walnut and Cocobolo endcap, still need to poly this but with the pic above you can see how nice it looks with a gloss finish. As of now its just got a oil coat on.

Thanks, some dark pics, i will post some better pics. The grip is a winner for sure, been trying to come up with a decent foregrip to match it. I believe once i get a more consise photos others will agree. I’m putting on the gloss clearcoat for the walnut endcap (3 coats so far) and will bedliner the rest, that will contrast nicely. I added some stippling and a bit of relief around the trigger guard are.

Looks good Bodhisdad, nice wood work! Looking forward to see photos when it’s done. Especially like the grip design.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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