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    Hi everybody,
    I am a newcomer on this site and , of course, I ‘ve a lot of interest of airguns , mainly PCP.
    I’m very fussy about noise , so I made all my guns as quiet as possible , shrouds and silencers , often both together.
    I shoot mainly in .25 with FX Wildcat , Kalibrgun bullpup and carbine and Vulcan , on paper target at 50 yards.

    And here is my problem: the impact of the pellet hitting the target is louder than the gun itself. I’ve tried softer paper , cardboard …I even built a wooden box , insulated inside with soundproof foam , and sand bags to stop the pellet.(see pic)
    It helps , but I’m not completely happy with the result. This seems to be non sense , since my nearest neighbour is at 200 yards.
    I just wonder if somebody is in the same case and what solution could be found to decrease the “twack” of the pellet against the paper.




    The first shot is always the loudest after which the proceeding shots all go into the same hole well be softer.
    Nice trap by the way ………

    ~ Greg


    I’ve never thought about this : all the pellets in the same holeā€¦.gonna to try this trick :biggrinn:


    It could be the backer board you’re using too that’s making for a louder impact.

    I’d cut out the backer board with a 1/2″ larger hole size compared to the group size you’re getting.
    Place your target on the same bullseye location every time and it should reduce the impact noise for yah…..

    Me I leave the old paper target on and keep stacking them up until they get too thick.
    This helps in keeping the inners from falling out of the trap.

    …….. again, a cool looking target pellet trap ! :8:

    ~ Greg


    Aldea6 , this is what I do with my home-made target box trap : (1) fill box with old clothes , Tee shirts , sweat shirts , even old bath
    towels , etc. . Pellet makes no noise that you can hear when hitting these objects . (2) For the front of the box stretch an old Tee
    shirt and attach with staples or tact-pins , and on the front of the Tee shirt stick on a self-adhesive 6″ SHOOT.N.C reactive target
    made by Birchwood Casey sold at most Wal-marts that I know of . Great target set-up can be used indoors or outside , with enough
    cloth fillings , pellets will not exit trap . Also the chartreuse hole rings give you precise target shot feedback instantly . Any way
    this target trap set-up is what I use and works just fine for me , and I use it for both of my PCP’s .22 cal. and .25 cal. .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:


    I have been using concrete fill rectangular laundry soap buckets (from Costco) filled 1/3 with concrete and used a car oil disposal box to hold back any fly backs.
    The targets are just stapled onto this box and fits the size of a piece of paper (so I print my own targets out) as I shoot I just layer the next one right on top of the old to help hold the stuffing in.
    After about 10 tins or so I’ll empty the trap out and inspect the condition of the concrete and add a new oil box.
    Works great and been happy with this type of trap for many years now.

    The trap on the right I leave there in the wind and rain for years. I’ve made some to take with me to the farm to check my zero and left them there also.

    These are a bargain Birdman.

    ~ Greg

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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