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I currently have a Crosman PCP conversion that I use to keep the pests at bay around the house. However, I am thinking of selling it to fund a Talon SS this summer. I really want something compact that I can take down and throw in a back pack. Plus, I just think they are SO cool. Anyhow, I am currently filling the Crosman off of a 2250 psi scuba tank, which is fine for the lower pressure gun. Now, I know the Talon has a 3000 psi reservoir, but I probably can’t afford both a gun and a new/used 3000 psi scuba tank. Will I get any useable shots if I fill off a 2250 psi tank? If so, any idea how many?
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You could pick up a used 3000 psi scuba tank of craigslist for around $50.

Sell the tank and get a Crosman pump.

2250psi is not going to get you enough shot to keep you happy.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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