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    im free all day tomorow so will head down to the shed and fire the mill up and chop that bottle tomorow and post pics for you fellas, i guarentee its gunna be thicker than your imaganing, ha, these bottles will outlast us!! 😯



    Lets hope so Horus… :popcorn: waiting……



    didnt have time to slice bottle today will get on it tomorow though,,, meanwhile here is a pic of when i drilled the hole in it, 😆



    Looks to be about 1/2″ or so..



    yeah must be at least 4 x the thickness of that thin made in china job on pic, ive had a realy old bottle with the solid top must have been 10 years old, i bought another blodnob valve off shaun and when i removed old valve body i shone a maglight inside and it was mint,,
    pluss i use a hand pump to fill, the only thing to watch is the threads, and you would have to try to fit a valve body with realy damaged threads and force it with a spanner to do any damage,



    Wow, this is really way thicker than I thought it would be.
    Reassuring, though.
    Thanks for sharing!!!



    yeah i thought you would be suprised,,, so was i, so i thought i would put peoples minds to rest, if your still paranoid give it a visual with a maglight once a year but probs not necacary,
    ive got an old small steel bsa superten bottle the small ones with the rounded bottom checked inside when i changed bottle seal and all was well, that bottle is ancient!!! bsa stopped making the metal bottles about 15 years ago,,,
    and these airforce bottles are aluminium,, or aluminum as you fellas say,,
    so rest your cheek with confidence on that 3000psi bomb!!! 😯



    here you go,, didnt slice all the way up as slitting saw was totaly blunt,, used an end mill and it took forever ha, forgot to measure it,, will get the vernier out tomorow and report back with egsact wall measurement,, 😀



    That’s some massive wall…
    Thanks for sharing, this pic should be included with the airforce manual and publicity…



    That is incredible…
    Thank you for a very valuable post.
    I will make this a sticky.



    no probs tony, glad i could be of use, have gained much wisdom from this site in the past 6 years and i dont post often as theres not much i can add to what you guys over there already know,
    but i do check almost daily for new stories,,, as im heavily addicted to pcp!!! 😀



    just an additional note concerning wall thickness, measurements are 5.70mm or 0.2240 imp, 😀



    Can anyone tell me what the actual burst pressure of an AF tank is? I’m certain that theres been extensive testing done, maybe post a link as to how the D.O.T performs their tests and comes up with their ratings. Thanks guys




    There’s a good article in Wikipedia on this topic. The usual test is to 5/3 working pressure while measuring cylinder volume. If the volume doesn’t return to normal when the pressure is released, the tank is removed from service.

    Luxfer advertises a minimum burst pressure of 2.5x working pressure for it’s cylinders. Don’t know about AF cylinders, sourced from Catalina Cylinders, if I remember…




    Air tanks are like tires they have a serviciable life span , when it’s time to replace them , you replace them period . You do not over inflate them to
    see how far you can push their max limit . I think that is why so many air gunners are having all the problems with their PCP airguns is because they
    expect more out of their gun than it was really designed for . I’m not saying that you can not make mods to your gun to help improve its’ performance
    but really pushing too far like trying to make a Great Dane out of a Poodle ? Do you really expect that kind of improvement ? If you want the max super
    airgun from the get go why don’t you , if you don’t have the abilities to make it yourself find a person or company to make it for you ? Why spend so
    much money trying to do it yourself and still be unhappy with your gun . I have a Talon SS that was first a .22 cal with a 12″ barrel , had Tony’s Slap
    hammer mod and 9″ LDC puy on it .After one year up-graded to Tony’s 12″ .25 barrel . Also when I first ordered my Talon SS from R&L Airgun Supply I
    had the Maddog Ultima stock put on it . Since then no other mods or changes and my Talon SS is still more than just a tack driver , it shoots and makes
    kills at the will of the shooter and I have never had any problems in its performance at all . I have never messed with valve , stem , tank , or o-rings .
    I let this gun do what it was designed to do with-out trying to push it further than its’ designed to perform at , perhaps if one leaves things the way
    they where designed to be they wouldn’t have so many problems with them ? Well that’s my thoughts about it .


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