Tank dump

I finally got out to the range to sight in my new .22 condor. Got down to 1.5 inch groups at 50 yards. My 5 power scope and poor shooting technique probably limits me a bit on the accuracy.
After it was dialed in I was having fun shooting the heads off the dandelions in the field when……

The second to last shot sounded strange like a little too much air was released.
The last shot was one long blast during which the entire tank emptied. There was even a little frost on the valve and breech from the rapid pressure loss.
I was maybe 15 shots from a full (2800 psi) charge. When I put the tank on the hand pump it was maybe at 200 psi after the dump.

It was too hot for me to spend the next 45 minutes pumping the damn tank up again to see if the problem recurred so I spent the rest of the time with an AR 15.

Anyone with experience with this problem? I remember finding a post about something similar to this before I ever got my Condor, but I couldn’t find it again with a search.


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Just a follow up.

Refilled twice and shot around 40 more rounds with no malfunction.

Maybe it was just dirt/debris.

Now for the mods…….

Wasn’t on a Condor but had the same thing happen with my Talon SS when it was new, after first couple shots the valve stuck opened. I remembered from the video that it was probably a piece of dirt or metal shaving stuck in the valve from manufacturing and the remedy is to dry fire a couple times to clear it out.
I only lost about ½ tank, pumped it back up and have never had another problem.

Don’t know why it dumped. Just wanted to say a 5power scope at 50 yards is PLENTY of magnification. I stay around a half inch at 35yards , and under an inch at 50 yards off steady stix pretty easily with my .45 using a 4power.
It’s the RETICLE that is key. If you have a really fat reticle at the crosshairs, it makes it tough for precision at 35 and 50 yards. My scope’s crosshairs are very fine in the center.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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