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    is there a tank adapter (with fill nipple & pressure gauge) available that is straight? I’m aware of the angled one tony has available but I’m looking for one that does NOT drop the tank. (it’s for a Talon frame if that makes a difference.)


    If I understand you, sure there should have been a straight one on your Talon to begin with…

    Am I missing something here in your question? Heck I still have quite a bit of airforce parts and pieces and may have one.

    We just need more info on what your wanting-needing 🙂
    I am sure of one thing, someone here can help, once we get what it is your looking for…


    the “standard” talon air tank must be removed from the frame to be refilled and has no pressure gauge or refill nipple. the adapter I seek allows the tank to remain in the frame when refilling.

    this one is angled, I’m looking for a straight one.


    Ok, I got you. Let me do some digging in the morning. Not at all sure I have one, but I will let you know…


    There was a good chance I had something you could use like this…

    I looked through my AF stash and didn’t see anything.

    Got to thinking on what I did on the one I had. Takes a little effort but, I took my standard tank adapter and I drilled and tapped to holes right in the area of two wrench flats of the adapter. 60 degrees from each other.

    You will need you loosen the threaded bushing at the back of the frame, so you can index the tank so that these two hot taps can be set out to the right side if your right-hand.

    Then your in business. Now before I got all geared up for this, I would get in touch with Tony and see if he has one like to need!

    I would be really surprised if he doesn’t.

    Good luck with all this,, and have fun doing so. That is the main thing here.


    Late to the party here, but I picked up something off ebay that sounds like what you are asking about. I put it on the tank that came with my old Condor so I don’t have to remove the tank and find the adapter to fill. Maybe it would work on a Talon also?

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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