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    Hey everyone,

    I bought a tuned AAA .25 Air Force Condor air gun through Tony a while back.  I no longer use the air gun because I’m a full time missionary and I travel a lot.  From what I remember a paid close to $2,000 for the gun, modifications plus accessories. One problem that the gun has is that the tank loses air after a while so I think it may need a new gasket or something.  I’m not sure.  Maybe Tony could step in and share some reasons why a tank might leak air.  Anyways I’m willing to let go of the air gun and everything else that I bought with it for $900 which I feel is a screaming deal.  My email is if you are interested.


    Here is a list of what the air gun comes with along with pictures


    Hill pump valued at $214

    Condor 95 gm hammer with slap modification valued at $70

    Super high output valve with drop-down tank adapter valued at $375

    Wokbutt valued at $75

    24″ Lothar Walther barrel $215

    14″ sound moderator $175

    Laser genetics ND3 laser valued at $289

    3 full tins of JSB Match 350 count .25 pellets and 1 partially full tin of H & N sport Barracuda pellets valued at around $80






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    H. E. Potter

    Horseshit Charles…

    You think for one minute you are going to sell that gun on this forum for $900???

    First off, you probably don’t exist, your story is a crock of shit, and don’t own such a gun.  Deals like this are for guys who spend most of the day with their hands in their pants and eating Little Debbie cupcakes.

    All three of the active forum members agree with me that $300 is the best you can do, shipped UPS and insured!

    Missionary my wrinkled ass!  That wouldn’t stop you from shooting.  As for your air leak, buy an O-ring.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your new job.


    Kindly ‘Ol Uncle Hoot

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