TalonSS shot string

How do you get a bell curve?
What is the advantage of one?
Tophat – 0.70
Power wheel – 3.1
Start – 3000psi
End – 2100psi
Crossman Premier HP – 14.3 gn
54 Shots

861 862 850 855 854 851 849 ERR 847 847

846 843 848 845 841 840 838 840 838 839

834 835 834 835 830 832 831 829 826 823

826 823 824 824 817 814 816 815 ERR ERR

813 812 808 813 804 807 804 802 800 803

796 798 796 790

To me it looks pretty good any advice or thoughts?

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I hear ya. It is the large bell curve I want to avoid. A very shallow curve I think will naturally occur in a properly adjusted gun.

Once I get my gun adjusted and chronied I no longer use the chrony at all except for spot checks on occasion. I alway use POI to access if my gun is shooting spot on. Chasing numbers will drive a person crazy. And since shooting is all about the POI that is my final determinate.


A bell curve should make it so there is no POI shift over the course of the curve. At the back end the POI shifts down…. but only after the curve and it just goes down the same was as yours does from the beginiing.

If the curve is so great that you get a POI shift up as velocity increases and then a shift down as it decreases then the curve is too great.


Thats great and all but when I am in the field the last thing I want is my POI changing by going up and then down again. As I shoot it is far easier to allow for the pellet to just change the POI downward then trying to remember when it is going to rise and then fall.

I get at least 40 shots before I start to worry about POI change while hunting. And when plinking 70 shot are the norm by just allowing for the POI to shift downward.

It only takes me a couple of minutes to refill on the HPA tank so I refill in the field after every 40 shots. This way I do not have to play the pellet goes up and down game. I guess if I was hand pumping I would be trying to avoid pumping as much as possible and would then work with the bell curve to maximize the number of shots.

Of course a properly adjusted gun is always a given. But I am more concerned with what the POI is doing then a number on the chrony.

quote WalkonKing:


I wouldn’t say that 🙂

With proper tophat adjustment and O-ring under tophat and correct powerlevel you can go from this…

…to this.

That’s about half the variation and the lower has less than 5m/s (15fps) total variation for first 55 shots with STOCK PARTS.
16 grain pellets. So it’s only about 25FPE.

No mods just junk in the shroud.

That looks good.


I’m not searching for the bell curve and the only way I could get it is to overfill my tank and why would I want to do that? Many airgunners find the bell curve then only fill their tanks at the top of the curve. That way they dont have to mess with the POI change of down then up then down again. The POI only goes down as pressure drops and that is how I like it. 😀

Do you have a modified SS? If so, what mods?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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