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TalonP vs Condor valves

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    So I’m finally able to start assembling my .30 Microlite build and I’ve run into a snag… Quick backstory:

    Tony at Talon Tunes built me a .30 Condor SS. I get it back, it’s awesome, but with the LDC, it’s REAAAALLY long. Too long. Long story short, I get another Microlite kit to turn the Condor into a bullpup.

    The Microlite kit uses the TalonP tank. Here’s my issue. I thought that the Condor and TalonP valves were essentially the same, except the tank-side valve threads. So I just swapped the internals- i.e. TalonP valve body w/Condor internals. The top hat seems to be sticking out further than I remember, and looking at pictures online, it seems like the top hat is sticking out too far. I measured the gap, and it’s .214″. What’s the factory gap spec supposed to be? I have to push the top hat in a bit to get the breech to fully seat, which I’m sure I won’t be able to do once the tank is aired up (it’s empty at the moment). So I really think it’s sticking out too far, because I’ve never had to do that on any AF gun before. I compared all the parts and everything looks to be the same size. The .30 top hat seems to be a touch longer, but so long as to cause that much more stick out, if that makes sense… Thoughts?



    I believe I’ve got mine set at .100.



    See, that’s what I thought- the top hat seems to be sticking out about double what it’s supposed to be… But why though? Everything is the same… 😐

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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