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    just recieved my talon in .22 ,cleaned the bore etc mounted a red dot sight and proceeded to sight in the dot sight. after the second shot it fired every time i took off the safety. so it is on its way to texas. the forums are full of exciting stories of these weapons going off premature. it cost 25.00 dollars to send it back at my expense of course. any comments?


    Was it new or used, who or where did you buy it from and did you do any modifications?

    It shouldnt go off when you release the safety. The only times I am aware of that the gun will fire when the safety is released is if the trigger has been modified and set to very light trigger pull or the trigger parts have been sanded down.

    The triggers suck as they come from the factory, and the safety is a joke IMHO.

    Several people (myself included) just do the trigger mod and remove the safety. That will void the warranty, but I can fix anything that breaks myself for less than it would cost to ship the gun in so thats the best option for me, but not neccessarily everyone else.


    Kingpin Do you have the power wheel set to max? sounds like maybe your not getting it cocked fully. Back the power wheel back to 5 or 6 ,and try it again. I just looked at my Condor it’s at under 5(the set screw #s) my SS is out in the barn ,but i’d bet it’s about the same. I put the Condor hammer in my SS as Anthony 266 suggested(i could not tell you where the power wheel was), but the added length of the Condor hammer kept it from cocking at all,untill I backed off of the pw. I think your having a like problem ,back off the pw and try it,might save shipping $$


    Really not worth the trouble to send it back, the safeties are junk. You’ll waste your monet sending it back they will go over it do what they do and likely sooner or later it will happpen again. I had a similar problem with my rig day after i recieved it, brand new. I tried a few fixes which work awhile, only to end up taking the whole safety mechanism out. In the long run i’d say your better off removing the whole group of parts which make up the safety.


    My dread for the “safety” is well known… 2 of my 4 guns untouched trigger assembly would fire randomly when taking the “safety” off…the one I’m shooting now I was able to get working by spraying some oil into the trigger parts and pushing some paper towels down the frame tube, disabling the safety and I have had no more problems. I will be taking it apart when I have access to a pin punch, hammer and work bench though.

    I hope they sort your gun out but I am sure they won’t…you’ll have to do it yourself or have Anthony take a look at it.

    Sorry to hear it malfunctioned on you…once you get that sorted out the gun has a lot of potential.



    When my gun did it I stretched the sear spring and it has been fine ever since.


    the talon was purchased new from pyramid air. only fired two shots and no triger mods were done. power wheel was set in the middle not sure what #. sure sucks i sent the talon back to texas at a cost of 25.00 i think when recieve the gun back that pesky little (quote) safety is going by by. cant imagine this not being addressed by the manufactuer. looks like the liability would be enought to make someone upgrade this trigger. thanks for the imfo every one


    could some one go ever the procedure to remove that pesky safety. thanks – kingpin

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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