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    Hey all, I picked up a Talon SS .22 from a local guy recently.

    He said it was shooting 720 fps at setting 8. I have no way of confirming this as I dont have a chrono.

    I took it out this morning and took a few shots, but noticed that the shots seemed incredibly weak (I could sometimes see the pellets traveling).

    I was shooting at an old piece of aluminum, from about 15 yards.

    Some of the pellets just bounced off the aluminum. My PP750 (.22) at 650 FPS puts holes through that thing, every time.

    I recently fixed a leak in the tank by replacing an oring under the brass piece

    (I couldn’t thread down the brass piece so that it sits flush with the tank body, since the oring makes it protrude).

    It’s currently at setting 8, and I’ve tried setting it to 10, which makes it shoot a tad faster.

    Tank is filled to 3000 PSI and nothing seems off about the gun, so I’m wondering why it might be shooting at such low speeds?

    So far I’ve fixed the leaking tank, and played around a little with the top hat.


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