Talon SS Power wheel velocity range

I am trying to get a good range of velocity to allow me to shoot inside then move outside, at the farm, without changing guns.

Talon SS pretty much stock firing mechanics, just polished TH and barrel, stock hammer, stock 12″ barrel. No valve work yet.

What kind of a spread of fps are you guys getting with just PW adjustments?

I did some chrono work today.

Tophat .080

Tank full 3000psi

PW1 about 550fps (consistency poor)
PW8-10 about 780-790 (consistency good)

This will work pretty well for my purposes, but getting there was weird. At small (<.070) TH settings I would get higher fps at lower PW and lower FPS at higher PW. Weird inverse curve huh?


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Well don’t know if this will help much, but before I bought my gun (SS)from the seller, I had it cronied on 2 different PW settings. On the fullest power, it did a 872 with 14.3 gr CR wad. I took it down to power 4, and with the same gr pellet, did a even 600. I usually shoot at PW#2, for backyard plinking, don’t know what the fps is, but it feels consistant shot to shot. My gun is also older, the seller bought it in ’05, and has been sitting in a rifle bag ever since till I bought it 3-4 months ago.

Mac1 Tim told me the PW on the older guns actually have a better spread than the newer ones, although I’m not sure why this would be, he didn’t elaborate on it.

That was my theory as well.

Sounds like you found the tophat sweet spot.

Probably the hammer was pushing the tophat into the bottle and it was bouncing shut before the pellet got pushed out of the barrel? When you adjusted back out, it kept the valve open just the right amount of time.

That would be my theory anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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