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    Is there anyway to decrease the “hammer slap” on my Talon SS

    I know there are some after market hammers out there……….will they take care of the hammer slap ???


    You can turn you bolt on a lathe and insert an oring or adhere some similar material to the bolt to decrease the sound. Remember it can lower you velocity. Due to it dampening the hammer strike.


    I just put a rubber washer between my hammer and my breech piece. Worked fine, but the gun did not like my usual 195 bar fill any more. I had to turn up the power wheel a few notches to get it to open the valve properly when full. At first (on PW setting 4) I was seeing POI drop by 3″ at 25 yards when full.

    Noise was not noticably different, but I was at the powder burner range and wearing ear pro. I’ll take ‘er out hunting tomorrow to see how she does.

    Gun is a Talon SS with a frame extender and 24″ barrel in .22. It was a bit windy today, but I did manage a ~0.3″ one hole ragged group at 25 yards when the wind died briefly. I was pretty happy with that. Didn’t chrony today, so no numbers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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