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Talon SS 28 gauge smooth bore Shot Gun barrel installed

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    No pics?


    Very nice project. I am tempted to give this one a try my self.


    What will they think of next?!?!? ❗
    That’s crazy :rofl: Ya know, that bb-shot is pretty big load. I wonder how a nice wad of smaller shot, like anywhere from #6- #9 might work for mid air targets or even close range at clay targets?
    Yeah, a smoothbore barrel could open up a few different scenarios. How about a dart gun, or maybe rubber less than lethal projectile or paintball? Impact exploding rounds, little plastic toy paratroopers,,,,, the ideas are endless!
    Shotguns/smoothbores are really very adaptable and versatile projectile delivery system. My favorite application is how the bomb squad uses a shotgun to launch a water filled trojan condom water balloon at suspected packages that may contain sensitive explosives. :rofl:
    Eldy, what are you using for a wad? And how do you mate the breech end to the barrel? I wonder if something down and dirty such as 1/2 copper tubing or conduit could be 1/2 ass rigged for some shotgun action?


    I wonder what they use for paintball gun barrels? Maybe that might have more meat or wall thickness. Another thing in case you dont already know… is copper tubing comes in different “grades” K, having the heaviest wall thickness, L being lighter and M being lightest or thinnest grade of copper. K copper is got considerable weight to it and is going to be expensive! I mentioned copper tubing previously, just because being a plumber it is so readily accessible. Im sure there must be many sources for seamless tubing, might even consider plastic. I still want to make a parachute launcher with those little plastic or rubber paratroopers like the ones I remember at the dime stores, when I was kid. Ha ha ha :rofl: dime stores :rofl: ha ha I crack myself up :rofl: anyone elsr remember dime stores?


    Numrich Gunparts Corp, sells gun parts from discontinued manufacturers.

    They have a nifty catalogue and in the past had several shotgun barrels listed for dirt cheap. I used a Stevens 12 guage barrel to rebarrel a 1887 Winchester Lever action shotgun for SASS competition and it worked very well. I think I paid something like 15 bucks for it and it was new in the white.

    If you could find such a deal on 410 barrels, then you would have a choke and could use 410 paper or plastic wads.

    Pretty cool Eldy and before I forget my wife and daughter loved the soup. :winkn:


    Huge barrel, should put the splat on some pest birds.


    Newbie here –

    First post….

    Your concept is a very interesting one. Have you considered using an actual plastic wad that would normally be used in reloading a shotshell? It would give you a basis to load the shot to since it is usually .75 oz in a 28 gauge hull. It would also give you a solid bottom for less deformation of the shot and pattern and eliminate a base or bottom wad. The bottom of a standard wad is cupped for the powder charge. That would just leave wadding for the top of the shot cup.

    If you could load an actual 28 gauge hull without primer or powder of course, into the tube if it’s large enough maybe that would work for the top hat to engage into the primer opening?

    If you wish to experiment with 28 or 410, I would be happy to send you some to try out. Just lemme know!


    quote ELDY:

    Hey man…Where did you get the foster nipple cover? I have the SAME styled one on my DaveG custom TDR, but I assumed Dave made it…any info would be great


    quote ELDY:

    I got it off one of my very first bigbore air gun a samyang light Hunter. 45. I liked the cover so i kept it and have been using it on my daily the talon ss has it. I do not know the origins….I am thinking of making something silmiar because its handy to have…

    I found a source for them but only in green/purple. Ended up buying a few in black+silver off E-bay though but don’t see anymore as they were used/I contacted the seller if he had anymore.

    This site has them in green/purple which can always be repainted:

    Only like $5 too, I assume they were mostly used for paintball equipment

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