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    I will soon be ordering my new Talon SS with Bi-pod and pump, I am trying to figure out which caliber I want for which length of barrel.

    I was thinking of getting the 12″ in .177cal and an 18″ in .22 cal.

    Does anyone have shot strings for a stock Talon SS in .177 and .22 and a 18″ Talon SS with 12″ .22 and a 18″ .22 calibers? Or know where I can locate shot strings for those set-ups?

    I really like the .177 caliber pellet, never had enough juice to shoot in .22 with the pumper guns I have had in the past.

    Should I just stick with the .22 in the 12″ SS and get the 18″ in .22 as well?

    Thanks for the help!



    I dont have a shot string handy, but I recently changed from an 18 inch .22 barrel to a 12 inch .177 barrel in my TalonSS.

    Shots were fairly erratic on it at first. With some tophat adjusting, I ended up with around 50 shots in the 930fps range with 7.9gr pellets. I then traded the 12 inch barrel for an 18 inch barrel in .177 and apparently that combination with my tophat settings was perfect..or close to it.

    I’ve gotten 70+ shots on it starting at 1020fps with 7.9gr… moving up to 1030fps… then down around 1015fps at shot 70.

    Tophat turned all the way down, PW set at 2-5. Any less and I get more shots, but not quite as consistent… any more and I get only a marginal increase in velocity. I’m thinking at this point I’ll leave it be and will just use CPH’s at 10.5gr to drop velocity down to the sub 1000fps level and be done with it. Accuracy with the 7.9’s are great out to 40 yards, but I fear that the lighter pellets will spread more beyond the 40 yard mark.


    Thanks for the reply Rob!

    Thats the kind of info i’m looking for! Sounds like the .177cal 18″ is pretty killer too. 😛 Chrono seems pretty handy to adjust and test stuff, guess i’ll put that on the list too!

    More goodies to get! 😈

    Have a good one.



    Understand that you may buy 10 more Talons to get one that does that…. or you may be able to get one and get it right.

    I couldnt get any kind of consistency out of that Talon with the 12 inch .177 barrel on it… but with the 18, it worked perfectly.

    When I had a 12 inch .22 barrel on it, it did fine. 18 inch did fine, especially after a work over by Anthony

    I’ve seen a stock Talon 12 in .177 that got 80 shots with very good consistency on PW2, tophat set at factory.

    I guess what I’m saying is that there is no way of knowing what you’ll end up with out of the box sometimes, but with a bit of tinkering, you can almost certainly get what you want out of them.

    If it were me, and I wanted to shoot .177, I’d opt for the 18 inch barrel and just go from there. In .22, the 12 inch pipe is nice and you can keep it quiet.


    I have mine adjusted, with my 12 inch, .22 barrel, to a consistent 750 fps using 16.0 grain JSB exacts (approx. 20 fpe). It’s pretty quiet, and I’m up to 50 shots so far with out the fps dropping at all (still on my first fill after adjusting).

    Good luck,

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