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    So I am new here and will be posting to see if anyone responds to this question. I am looking to get into the Airforce line, but stuck on the fence as to which line to pursue..Talon P or Talon SS…..Key requirement is how quiet can you get it.. I have seen all they YouTUBE vidoes, researched all the Moderators and shrouds and tuning you can do.. and now I am looking to make the purchase, but I would like to hear from the group first..I want to hear real hands on experiences.. I am looking for pest control and target shooting. Plan on filling will SCUBA. I like to tinker with the guns, so it will get some other mods.. my real question should be which is more quiet with mods Talson SS w sound lock + DonnyFL Sumo or Talon P with same combo or the Talon tunes gen 6 Moderator and what mods and LDC are recommended to make a complete silent package … I have a DonnyFL Ronin on Crosman and the quality and performance of the shroud is great.Any and all responses would be appreciated…

    I am also going to post this in the Talon P section as well, just in case .

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