Talon on C02. Any good?

My options right now are to sell my springer to finish off my talon fund, or to keep my springer. If i sold it, i would have just enough to buy a c02 powered talon, new from pyramidair.

I love the idea of using c02 because of the lack of recoil, but i am worried about the power. The B40 that i use right now supposedly shoots .22 pellets at 850 fps, so probably more like 700 or 750. The Talon is advertised as shooting at only 650 FPS though. This would leave actual velocity at somewhere around 500 or 550 fps with jsb exacts.

My question is, is it worth it trading for the talon on c02? upgrading to air is not an option, as i would have to buy a pump, and it would cost me 400$ more. What do you like most about your c02 powered talons?


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Have you thought about getting the CO2 Condor?
I use air and CO2 and CO2 in the Condor is more powerful than “most” springers. The Magnum springers are more powerful, but at a cost…,
Heavy cocking,
Heavy gun,
etc, etc.

The CO2 Condor has plenty of shots and enough power for 95% of what I need to do…, even if it was just used for plinking, it would still be worth it:)

just a thought for ya and another option:)

Depends what you mean by “work”, but it will raise the velocity, how much, i have no clue.

just wonder if a heated sock would work? just wrap it around youe tank! kingpin

That could work, but i was thinking more on the lines of 100+deg. It would also keep your cheek nice and toasty.

been thinking for a while about the heater idea, maybe starting with one of the 9v heated boot socks and seeing if it would help tank pressure. Looks like from what I’ve read they are only meant to give up ot 75deg or so (still FEEL warm when it is cold out

My friend got one of those big hot packs and taped it to his CO2 tank, it shot noticeably faster, and more consistent. Someone should make a battery powered tank heater, they would make a fortune. 8)

Been hearing that temperature issue for a long time…and it does exist. Higher temps. raise co2 pressure. But it is a very predictable rise and have found it very easy to deal with. Doesn’t happen randomly, can predict the change accurately and take it into account.

When I remember hunting shots, so very few of them are taken with a “dead on” hold…usually holding for a bit of wind and holding a bit high for distance past my sight in. Is proably worth it to take a couple of shots at a knothole or other bark-mark every so often just to gauge the change temp. might have brought (besides…are out in the woods…only going to get a few shots at game, so may as well have some fun).

i got three starlings and a rabbit the other day at about 30 yds. the only draw back, is the temp issue. i shoot a standard talon 177 on co2, and i own a couple different co2 gun and the talon is the best. i love to hunt tree rats but during hunting season, it’s a little cool to make clean shots, so i shoot twice 😀 i was thinking about switching to air, but i don’t need all that power, at least i’ll keep telling myself that a little longer.

The biggest problem with CO2 is that it’s using “Vapor Pressure” not mechanically compressed gas such as HPA. Vapor pressure is defined as the pressure of a gas in the presence of it’s liquid. That’s why a CO2 tank pressure remains constant so long as liquid is present.

The problem with vapor pressure is that it varies by temperature as anyone who uses CO2 knows. When heated, more liquid boils off into a gas increasing pressure. When cooled the gas condenses back to a liquid, decreasing pressure. Here’s a handy calculator that will give you some idea of what you’re working with in CO2.


I started off with my SS on co2, .22 with CP I’d get 590 – 640 depending on the temp. The great part was that I could shoot forever on a 20oz paintball tank in the field.

On the downside you will see FPS swings.
When I would start hunting in the morning it would be shooting slower, and at high noon it would be shooting faster. This made it harder to take good headshots at longer ranges.

I also had problems with the 20oz spyder tank I got with the gun. Sometimes the pin valve on the tank would not open up. Just make sure you have a spare co2 tank with you. And you should have lots of fun with this rifle.

The figures AirForce uses are just about right with nomal weight pellets…they don’t seem to find the lightest possible pellet and quote their vel. based on that. Given a day in the 80’s, you’ll get the reported numbers with standard weight pellets.

Comapred to PCP’s, the vel. seems low…comapred with any other factory CO2 rifle of the same barrel length, it’s about as fast as co2 gets (and you really can get 100’s of consistant shots..with the big 20oz. bottle, a bit over 1000…without a refuel).

This is accurate information. The Talon on CO2 is probably the best CO2 gun being sold right now


most pcps are pretty close to advertised velocities so the figures that you have for co2 aren’t quite that low. On hpa you will get a real 850fps out of your AF gun with “standard” weight pellets. I too hope to cross over to the darkside soon. If you have never used any airgun besides a springer, let me tell you, no recoil is friggin awesome. You can actually see the pellet impact!! It is especially cool if you’re a hunter/pester!! 😈 Good luck!

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