Talon fill adapter/clamp – male or female?

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This is my first post on this forum. You guys have a great forum with a wealth of information here!

I ‘m planning on buying a Talon SS very soon but have found a good deal on a packaged deal, like 3,000psi scuba tank, fill station, air hose, etc. The guy is asking me what hose should he ship and with male or female threads.
Can you please tell me what kind of threads are on the clamp that typically comes with a Talon SS, or what does P/A and other vendors typically ship with the gun so I can figure out if I ‘ll need M-F or M-M hose, etc.?
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The fill setup he is quoting to you is an alternate fill method. It utilizes a yolk (to connect to the tank), a fiill hose, and connector w/ threaded fill adapter which you would screw the talon tank into. A good setup if you already have a talon but don’t have the af scuba fill adapter. Since you will be buying the talon with the scuba adapter, you won’t need anything else but the 3000 psi scuba tank itself.

Thanks guys!

I thought I needed a hose (or so the seller told me) between the fill adapter and scuba tank. I won’t buy the hose. He ‘s also selling me foster fittings? What are these? He said this is everything I ‘ll need to hook up the TSS but I don’t think he owns one, so he probably doesn’t know..

I still need the fill station through right? This fill station should have the “K” valve I hope.. I have never owned a PCP before. The TSS will be my first one.

The AF scuba fill adapter mounts directly to the SCUBA tank “K” Valve and has everything you need to fill your tss tank. No extra gauges or hoses necessary.

If you order from PA you don’t get any fancy hoses.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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