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    Now that I can get around in the new format alittle, I wanted to say about this issue here;

    If that adjustment is a little lose like this and I myself would not like cranking hard on the locking lug of the hammer spring adjustment, on threaded studs you move from time to time, use a very thin piece of o-ring and thread that hammer adjustment stud in with the thin o-ring in the threads.

    That will keep it from adjusting on its own as you use the rifle, but you can very easily adjust when you
    Need to. Not ever messing up the threads.

    If you adjust it much you may need a new piece of o-ring more often, but I have never had the threads get messed up by tightening the adjustment threaded studs like this.
    Just a thought that I wanted to pass along.
    Heck its 3 in the morning here in Texas, just went outside 30 monutes ago and we have had a weather front blow through here. Northeast wind probably 20 mph right now, hopefully the triple digit heat want be as bad today when the sun comes up, its been really hot and dry here for awhile now.
    Good morning all…


    Good morning Rowdy, and thanks for the useful tip. But did your Mutant not have a little nylon ball sitting between the locking lug and the threads of the spring adjuster?

    Also, I think I’ll mark the adjustment hole alignment on my gun to see if it moves over time.



    Didn’t mean to lead you to think I had a Tiapan of any sort.

    I have yet to acquire one. This tip was just like any threaded adjustment you move around often it has worked for me…

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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