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    Has anyone experience of this type of bag?


    Will it fit a Condor with scope 50mm, and Bi-pod?

    The problem that I have( well one of them ❗ ) is that I only ride Motorbikes ( KTM 950 SM), which can make travelling to the farms a bit of a pain.

    I have previously bought two rifle bags, and the condor does not fit either of them properly, they dont close fully, and I always worry about the gun falling out as I drive up the road 😳

    Any Ideas ❓ ❓ ❓


    i use a brandon stefy guitar case made from a gortex kinda material,i can get my gunpower with 24″barrel,big ags scope and bottle fitted,and bipod in it with room to spare,and its got a outside pocket big enough for a spare bottle,and the two rucksack style straps,which i to use to carry t when i ride my zx12r ninja,as well as usual carry handle,i picked it up for £7/$14,secondhand,dont know how much new though,but ideal for what i want,


    I use a Infinity Tactical case for my Talon. They come in differant lengths. From 24″ for a bottle off Talon to a 33″ that fits a talon ss. They even have a longer models for that will fit a condor. It has 2 seprate compartments and for rifles and several pockets for targets and pellets etc. It can be worn as a back pack or carried like a suit case. I like mine a lot and it is very well built with strong zipper and cordura construction. It can be found where airsoft is sold. Especially Jungle Toy.com

    Here is a case by Leapers I came across that might be worth looking at.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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