straight into the deep end * updated w/ progress 12/12

well… for some reason I just couldn’t try a nice simple grip for the popping of the cherry, so i dove straight in with the blinders on.

this is what I have ruffed out so far

I’v already had a cupel of “O shit, what the hell did you do that for” in the process, but I think I’ve over sized good enough to be able to fix them, I going to try to get rid of the guard, but we’ll see if I can pull it off 😕

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aw yes, good old danish 🙂
that is all I use on oak, it is defiantly one hell of a good product, the best thing about it is the fact that you cxan take 5 years to run through can, get a new one and it’s got the same exact tint to it. Ive never put any on the red stuff before, but I’ll do a cupel of test pieces to see what they look like.

nice one mate i,m realy glad to hear u say that. with a piece like that u realy want it to show what it,s got and if u paint it it only shows half of your fine work .u should think about some sort off il .i use dannish alot and a coupple off coats off wax to finnish it off it come,s u realy nice .. 😀

Thanks RiffRaff, thats one hell of a pat on the back there 😀

as for the pics… I’v ordered the drill bit.. so as soon as it comes I’ll remove the safety and mount it for good. I did have it ziptied in place and everything fits just fine and feels good, I just had to put her back together and get some shootin in.

Rabbits – HELL NO on the paint 😯 That goes against everything I believe in, sacrilege I tell ya. I’m seriously kicking the furniture wax idea around in the brain, and your right their is some cool grain in this thing, even has some curly burl in it.

That is a work of art my freind.

I have only modified some TC Contender grips to fit my Condor. This work of yours leaves me in awe.

I would like to see it mounted with the bottle in place, it looks like a weapon all by itself.

Very nice!

well mate i,ve got to say u have done a great job welldone .i love how the woods grain is showing so well i hope u treat it and don,t paint it 😀

You said it bodi, a learning experience this has been.

I was able too save it, and get the tank mortise done without too much cursing. at first I started in with a pice of pvc and paper, 3 – 45 hours later I said ” it’ll never work” so I pulled out the rigged belt sander and had at it, 10 minutes later…..done!

I still need to drill the mounting hole, but I can’t find a bit long enough to get thr job done, I’m going to have to do it by hand, but no worries there, pice of piss mate.

my newest and brightest idea is taking the wax to it, that would mean redoing the forearm, but hell it’s winter what else am I going to do?

Check out rockler wood working. I got a drum sanding kit for $7, includes 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″ drums with 80 and 120grit sanding drums 2 of each. Good price and a useful tool. I’ve also used a half round cabinet rasp/file for finger grooves, quicker and more precise then PVC tubing which i’ve used in the past as well. Nice start so far keep on keeping on, my first few were something of a learning experience 😆

Rabbits as usual your doing well.
BJ, you’ve got some good ideas i’m sure with a little more practice, some precise measuring you’ll get what you want. Tough to pull of a full stock with the rear tank configuration, really screws things up for people like us. To get the right line of sight little material is left, have to add some material below and think outside the box. One of us will come up with something like you got posted. Here is my best full stock to date.

Room for improvement, i have some ideas on it. Good to see a few trying their hands at it.

well mate good luck and i hope it works out as u have down a great job off it so far .just take it easy and don,t try to rush it and u will be fine .. 😀

as for not knowing what u r doing u r doing a great job for your first attempt so keep it up

[quote=”rabbits”]mm sitting here looking at the griop and wondering if u have enough wood there to grove out 1/2″ .it might leave it very thin

I’t going to be close! but that kind of shit happens when you don’t know what your doing, I messed up on the initial layout, my measurements were off a bit, O.K….. a lot 😳

I’m still going to try and sav it, I’ve started in on it with some 2 1/2 pvc, slow going but it’ll get there.

I like the drum sander idea,but I only have 1″ and 3/4″ with paper for the 3/4 only and the so called hardware store in town doesn’t understand the concept of stocking tools, I would have to drive 2 hours away to get anything fancy like a little drum sander let alone the paper drums for them.

mm sitting here looking at the griop and wondering if u have enough wood there to grove out 1/2″ .it might leave it very thin .for the resess i have i used a drum sander and roughed it out and then sanded it down by hand with 60grit paper look at this link

thanks Rabbis,
I did the grooves mainly with the pvc and sand paper, but I did pull out a 3/4″ drum sander on the rotozip for some fast removal and to clean thing up a bit. 1/2, 3/4, and 1″ are the sizes I used along with with some 80 grit to get the fingers resting softly and secured in the grip, I sill have a bunch of “fine tuning” to do to get the hand a bit more comfy.
I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about the tank recess, I need to come down a 1/2″, and you know I don’t have any bits that match the tanks radius( or even come close) but I’ll kick it around in the head and come up with something that will work and look good.

well bud i,m loveing this one so far the finger grips have came out nice so how did u go about it the way i said or did u use a dremil anyways both ways work .looking realy nice mate welldone 😀

Well.. this is what I’ve got so far…

as you can see, I’m getting closer, most all of the ruffing in and out is done with the exception of some final mating to the forearm, figuring out what to do about the safety, and insetting the inlet for the bottle, drill the mounting hole and I think I’m going to use old yellers idea and go for some all thread, and possibly brass dowels in to the forearm.
That’s it for now, it’s time for two vitamin Vs and a beer 😀

thanks for your coment,s .there is also a product out there that bring more grain out off wood not sure what it,s called but i hear it,s good .for me the finnish make,s it i go right down in sand paper as far as 600wet and dry this leave,s u a great surface to work with .

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