Storing Flat Warshers [sic], what else do I need?

I made a few spacers of various lengths from PVC. The 3/4″ stuff has an OD of about 1.06″, so I turn it down to 1.00″ and part it to length.
Here’s how it all fits together:

The spring is just under the end plug to keep it all preloaded. It’s not as noisy as before, but still not “there” yet. What to do?

Should I:
Vent the bushing?
Drill four 1/8″ holes under the forestock?
Drill holes in the fender washers?
Make different spacers?
Buy a set of earplugs for the dogs and neighbors?

Thanks for any input!



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well in my ss i vented the bushing and under the handgard using 2 washers separated with hair curlers and it was a bit quietrer but i the got a pice of 1” aluminum tube 13” long made 4 washers out of felt pading for furniture separated about 1/4 inch apart and held with a pice of pvc with a screw from outside and welded a washer at the end, and the diference was a LOT when shooting wadcuters it sounded like in the movies no kidding standing 10′ away, i put a pice of the felt on the face of the breach where the hammer strikes and it lowers a the slap, im happy with this setup because it works with the 24 bbl i havent vented this barels bushing but driled a hole in the shroud close to the midle and it works beterthan without it.

My shrouds baffle stack isnt much different than yours, the only real difference is the material I used. Your bushings physically look the same and work the same way mine do.

The big noise difference I discovered came from using neoprene washers instead of steel ones. They flex quite a bit and do slow the air considerably more than a steel washer will.

The bushings were cut to 1/4″ length at first, and I stuck a rubber washer between each one. I think I used 12 washers the first time. About 40 shots or so later a washer blew out, so when I pulled it all apart and reassembled I only used half the washers. 2 spacer bushings, washer, 2 spacer bushings, washer, ect…

To make this work, I had to compress the bushings in a very tight stack to keep the rubber washers in place. I drilled and tapped a hole in my endcap, and I used a 10/32 screw to hold it in place. This keeps the stack compressed very tight and the result was a surprisingly quiet shroud. To adjust pressure on the stack, vary one of the bushing lengths until you get it right.

I have shot over 1000 pellets thru mine since the first rebuild and havent blown out another washer yet. The only noise is mechanical slap and tank ping. Of course if I go supersonic theres that “crack”, but that happens with any design.

If you havent yet seen it, pics in this thread.

Vent the bushing? Yes
Drill four 1/8″ holes under the forestock? Yes
Drill holes in the fender washers? Maybe the first one.
Make different spacers? Play around with different configurations.

Just a suggestion. Try replacing the PVC spacers with tightly rolled wire mesh. I bet it’d be alot quieter. You’re usin’ a lot of expansion chambers and wipes but nothin’ to really slow the air.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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