Stock Condor frame finish/color–>

I’m gonna order a DuraCoat finishing kit OR a spray can of DuraBake (Matte Black ONLY) enamel to paint my new Al frame extender/LDC. I need to know what color to order– 🙄

Matte Black
Semi-gloss Black (HK)
Combat Black
Black Oxide
Vltor Black
Rem 870 Black



My vote is for Matte Black.
8) Do we need a poll?

Airforce Rifles/Pistols

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quote Yello Ninja:

Maybe the alcohol left residue on the part…

The ether I have comes in a spray can (starting fluid) and I use it for starting stubborn diesel engines at work (also FREE!).
Ether alcohol itself is a very good solvent/cleaner (EXTREMELY flammable–just ask Richard Pryor :mrgreen: ). I ran out of brake cleaner so hell–that’s why I used it AFTER the lacquer thinner–thought it would be “cleaner”. 😕



They have a helpline too.

1-800-830-6677 Monday through Friday 6:00AM to 8:00PM (CST) and Saturday 10:00AM to 6:00PM (CST)


When I first got the stuff I was spraying over flaking spray paint and things I hadnt cleaned or prepped properly just to see how fickle the finish was and it all stuck fine.

The lacquer thinner should have done a good enough job on cleaning. Maybe the alcohol left residue on the part, or you used too fine a grit sandpaper?

Next time, try sanding it with a lower grit paper, clean with the lacquer thinner only. Dont spray on another coat until its been baked.

Oh man,

Sounds like one of those days. To bad about the durabake stuff. It is not cheap either.

The BAD news–>

I lightly sanded it to a dull finish and cleaned the piss out of it with lacquer thinner and ether alcohol. That piece was cleaner than anything I’ve EVER cleaned! I applied 4 or 5 thin coats, waiting ~5min. between coats, baked it for 3 hrs. @180 Deg. F. and let it set overnight. Today I decided to go for a second coat so I was lightly sanding it with scotch-brite when it started flaking off–WTF! I was able to easily wipe it ALL off using lacquer thinner! That stuff didn’t stick/cure for shit! My second attempt was going to be cooked @350 Deg. F. for 15 min. but I DROPPED THE SON-OF-A-BITCH ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!! IT BOINGED, BOUNCED, FLOPPED AND BENT BOTH THREADED ENDS BEYOND REPAIR!!! 6061 Aluminum is very soft. 😥 WHY COULDN”T IT LAND ON MY DAM BIG TOE LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE I DROP??? I will make another tube and just use some cheapo charcoal grill high temp flat black stuff OR what the elite Rapid guys use–Krylon from WalMart!!!
Any suggestions on how to prep/prime aluminum for painting with enamel?
That Matte Black DuraBake was glossier than I wanted anyway.

The GOOOOD News–>
Received my Federal ATF-NFA permit/tax stamp to manufacture a silencer yesterday!!!
YEEEE-HAWWW! :mrgreen:

Matte black gives them a nice look. 😀

This is Matte Black—>
Got my can of DuraBake today! Will have pic. of finished job on Sat. 8)

Can you show us a picture?
I would sure like to see it. I have thought of just buying spray paint at the automotive store. Heck man when I was in the service (NAVY), there was this sniper team and it surprised the hell out of me that they would mask off their rifles and just shoot em with spray paint.
They just didn’t spray the action and what not but they used various things from the terrain they were going to be in to use for a mask to help the texture blend in. The rifles were their personal rifles for their Military service so each guy would do his weapon the way he would need it.
Just paint man.

I used the SOCOM black after sandblasting. No regrets.

quote martin777:

“Are you suggesting I use latex?”
:mrgreen: I was being a smart ass! :mrgreen:
I’ll get the spray can of matte black DuraBake. (half the price of the DuraCoat kit).

quote Yellow Ninja:

anodozied finish

They must sand/bead blast the frame THEN anodize it-huh?

Well, you forgot your smily face! Like this 😡

“Are you suggesting I use latex?”
:mrgreen: I was being a smart ass! :mrgreen:
I’ll get the spray can of matte black DuraBake ,(half the price of the DuraCoat kit), and toss it in the oven with my next batch of brownies! 🙂

quote Yellow Ninja:

anodozied finish

They must sand/bead blast the frame THEN anodize it-huh?

quote martin777:

Are you suggesting I use latex?

No I just mean there are so many color choices of Black or White….

Socom Black look good though too.


I had combat black and it gives a matte finish that looks ok, but didnt match the stock finish on my Talon. Not sure its possible to get a match even if you found the right shade because of the way an anodozied finish reflects light compared to a painted one.

Is your talon Black? or is it one of the ones with a Purple hue ? If its black I reckon any of those black colors will do… You could just do the entire gun, its not that hard. Just remove all the parts, put a 1″ OD tube through the middle and that will protect anything you wouldnt/shouldnt paint. 4oz is more than enough to do the entire gun and a bunch of accessories.

Are you suggesting I use latex?

I have no clue….But Combat Black sounds exciting… 😆

Kind of like looking for paint with the wife…White, Egg shell white, egg white, Off white, Angel white, KKK White….arrgggh it is white damn it!. Then she give me that look and I stare at more white sample…thinking of drowning her in milk white! LOL

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