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Standard tank in .177 condor ok?

Home Forums AirForce Condor/Condor SS Standard tank in .177 condor ok?

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    ❓ Thanks everyone, would a standard (not high flow) tank work well in a stock .177 condor? Also how loud would a .177 condor be using the micro-meter tank?


    Yes it will work fine…all the tanks are interchangeable. It’s still pretty loud but WAYYYY less than the Condor tank… if you crank the power WAY down to like 6 fpe it should be pretty quite…if your using a shroud the pellet hitting will make more noise than firing the gun.

    Before you get the smaller tank you might try puting shims under the Condor tophat and lower the power that way…it may get the noise down a bit and save you from buying another tank just yet. Shims are cheap and easy to at least try



    Yea try shimming the tophat. I have been running the Condor valve with tophat at 0.093, using a 0.063″ shim velocities stay around 950fps with any pellet. If I go to 0.072″, velocities fall to mid 800s with heavier pellets, high 800-low 900’s with the lighter stuff.

    I tried a .090 washer once, pellets didnt make it out the barrel. Looks like you can find the velocity you want by changing shim thickness.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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