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    quote Mr-lama:

    I’m in alabama. Everything is legal around here. 😛 We’re right behind texas and arizona.

    No shit….


    Well, I got it today. This thing rules!! Handles well, insanely sharp, a little too sharp I think.

    Getting ok with it. Doing a move called the zen rollover, and lost control and tossed it into my leg. Sucker poked right in about a half inch!!! So now I’m taking a break, and trying to stop the bleeding. Hand’s starting to look a little like a ketchup covered cutting board as well. I might have to invest in a dull trainer….

    But that would cost more money, so I’ll just try not to throw it next time. 😀


    nice one lol
    buy a cheapo china made one and dull the blade of it haha
    have any superglue?
    thats what my wife uses in the or at the hospital she works at stops the bleedin real quick


    We do, but no need in it for me. I stop bleeding pretty fast. It’s about stopped now. 😀


    I have a Bali-Song by Benchmade and it’s about 15 years old and it’s titanium very light.


    Photo, does it say so Balisong on the knife – If it does then its just a strange name for a knife that doesnt resemble a balisong at all

    This is a Balisong –


    Yeah that’s the traditional one but Benchmade made many knifes for Bali-song and mine is an old one so it’s not around any more.


    Here are some pictures of my battle scars. 😛

    My leg, which is looking kinda bad. Bled a lot inside of my leg, and the blood ended up looking like a super bruise. 😕

    And some of my hand:

    Here is where I almost cut through the webbing next to my pinky.

    Some nicks on my vainy wrist.

    And it’s hard to see, but the tip took out a small hunk from the webbing next to my thumb.

    Sorry for the bad quality on those, camera is about at the end of it’s life, won’t focus right anymore.

    My hand looks better than it did just a week ago. Fortunately I’m young and heal fast, I don’t have much of a fingerprint on my middle finger anymore, took about 1/4 of it off with the first few layers of skin.

    I am practining ariels now, so I’m actually throwing the knife in the air. It has tape on it now though, because I knew I would need it. And I was right, I cought it so wrong a couple of times that if I didn’t have tape I very well could have had the knife go through my hand. 😯 The tip will still stick through and poke you though, and it still hurts as bad as ever. 😀


    lama, lama, lama i think you’d better stick to guns or dulled butter knives lol

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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