Soon to be new Air Wolf owner!!

I have never even finished the RWS 850 and ended up buying a used Air Wolf from TonyS on AGadvice. DOH!!!

Should be here next week. I can’t wait. 🙂

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let me know what you think about it. I’ve got an MVT on order from AOA.

WOW, now that is a hair trigger!!!! 😯 😆

There is a point where it lets you know it’s EXTREMELY close to firing and then pop. It’s not bad at all but, if you go from a normal trigger to this one it might take a few shots to remember not to pull too hard. ha

The weight is not bad at all and it feels relatively balanced to me considering it has a front mounted 500cc bottle on it. 🙂

The scope mounts I got are just a hair to low for the scope to clear the magazine so I need to get some taller ones before I can shoot it more. I need to get some time too. lol

The stock is fantastic except for a little too much wood right above my trigger finger that keeps it pushed out some. If that wood was gone it would let my finger get a little bit better feel on the trigger. I am looking into getting a synthetic stock for it and if it is the same way I won’t have much worry about sanding some of it away on that. 🙂

There was a kodiak shot string print out in the box that Tony included with 70 shots averaging 39 lb-ft and less than 30fps deviation. 🙂

I’ll post more once I get the scope mounted and shoot it some.

I have a RWS 48 so I’m used to heavy!!! 😀

I have done a LOT 😯 of reading about them and finally decided to see for myself. A couple reasons I chose used were lower price and I could get a gun that had already been shot/tested.

Cyg – I have been following Steve’s thread on the other site and see how he got his shooting. 🙂 From what I read hopefully his will be getting quieter with a custom insert for the shroud.

The shape of the stock is absolutely gorgeous to me and I hope it feels the same way it looks.

If it doesn’t work out I can always sell it!!! 😀

I love my PAG shrouded Wolf. It’s accurate and gets a huge amount of shots at the 28fpe that I have it set at. Like Cygnus said, it is a little on the heavy side, but really nothing too drastic.

great rifles when they work.

shot one last week…SteveK’s and must say he got that sucker shooting nice….if not a little loud since he has no baffels in the shroud….but 60+ shots a 40 fpe…with JSB screaming out at 1040 fps, and a shotstring to be envyed….its a hunters dream

accuracy was definatly on par with me AA 8) which i gave 690 for new 😈

imho i found it a bit heavy compared to what i rembered it to be, but the weight is close to the body, and made for a nice offhand shooting rig, the light trigger is nice when you get used to it…nice and pointable…would like to see it with a 280-400cc tank, to lighten it a bit….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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