Something I work like to try with my Condor, feedback please

Okay I have been wanting a more stealthy approach to my Condor and here is what I have been thinking.

1. Shorten my .25 polygonal barrel (breech end) to a 19″ barrel and do a re-crown.

2. Drill both sets of bushings and add a vent to the frame above the handguard.

3. Machine a aluminum piece and anaodize it to closely match the frame acouple of inches long.

4. This machined tube would have a concave endcap to reflect the sound pressure back into the frame and bleed down the pressure, basically a baffleless tube.

5.Use a 90 gram hammer with the new Condor valve.

6. Use my extra pressure gauge and fill nipple and have a collar built between the tank and valve.

So any thoughts would be appreciated on these ideas regarding velocity from a 19″ barrel and of course pics of a Condor with a short frame extender.

Thanks Randy

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Randy, read about the inaccuracy issues, man that sucks. WOK is right on in the velocity estimate around 50fps isn’t a big sacrifice.

I don’t understand why you want to drill both bushings? The front bushing and then a few holes under the handguard in front of the rear bushing is what i’ve always seen and understood. If you could havce that concave piece made close the end of barrel it would help in directing a good amount of the air rearward into the bushing space. I’d leave the one at the cap end as well. The only odd ball barrel out there that i’ve seen is WOK’s. At 19″ your barrel would stick past the frame an inch so a 6″ shroud would be the norm, unless you went with maybe 1.5″ tubing. Then you would have more width in the shroud allowing you to go with a shorter shroud. Most effective shrouds have 1″ id and are 6″ beyond the end of barrel, that gives 4.71″ of volume. If you went with 1.5″ tube .1250″ wall, that is 1.25″ID a 5″ long shroud has 6.13″ of volume. A 4.5″long same ID 1.25 gives 5.52″ of volume. Still better then a 1″ID x 6″long at 4.71″ of volume. A 4″ long x1. 25″ gives 4.9″ of volume. That is as short as i’d go 4″ beyond the end of barrel. Let me know if this makes sense.

formula for volume in a circle: V= LxWxWx3.1416 divide by 4

or 6″Lx1″wx1″wx3.1416 divide by 4= 4.71 standard shroud 6″L by 1″ID tubing.

Randy is your barrel choked? If so turning it from the breech end may be a better choice.

Taking off 5″ from your barrel will decrease your velcoity around 50fps IIRC at that length.

I like the idea of the 19″ barrel for the condor. I had a 16″ made for my talon and love it. The shorter gives me good velcoity but still fits inside the SS frame so I can still go shorty if I want.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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