something a bit differant .

well i,ve finnished my walnut stock for the s200 so i,m sitting waiting on a another gun thats getting sent to me .i,m doing a stock in walnut for a bsa scorpion but instead off sitting waiting i thought i might aswel do myself another wee grip for the gunpower range so here goes lads (again)lol



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well lads thats it just about done and ready to stain just got to wee bit,s to rub down but i think it looks sweet

well the weathers been pretty nice the last few days so i,ve managed to get to the final sanding piont already alot off nice sunlight and late nights but she,s there http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z230/stevenb_011/?action=view&current=9b21e393.pbw

well got a hour at it today as it was not a bad day so got the tools out and did the bolt atachment hole and a wee bit off shapeing .here,s a wee slide show off how i got on 😀

sorry bodi mate just sat dwon the other night and drew it up and put it right into practice but u know me i,ll change it in the middle as we do.

WalkonKing mate u r one sick guy lol i,ll wear a glove the next time

Chad Hauser the wood i,m useing is a wood called poplar not to expensive here unlike the walnut,s but as u say it,s good enough for stocks .to make my stocks i, don,t use to many tools just a few fav,s drill press /router /dremil and then hand tools such as chisels and rasp,s

You should try cocobolo then 😆 Sinks in water.

What kind of wood are you using? What sort of machines are you inletting and sculpting with? I looked at the thickness of that slab and first thought was, “Wow, that’d make several duck decoys.” Yeah, I’m a decoy maker, so most thoughts quickly turn to duck stuff. But anything hard enough to make a good stock is way too hard for what I do. I’d go crazy trying to work with anything denser than cedar.


If you “Chunk off” your wood in your hands, no one is going to want to shake your hand……Use an old sock…..LOL

Looks good, still to dam thick, 😛 and thats the foregrip end i’ve been thinking about.

I’ve been messing around with the 1 piece stock along with a walnut foregrip to go along with that small grip i made awhile back. Some nice details going on with yours, Poplar?? Where you going to pin the second attaching screw. Trigger guard or foregrip location.

You chunk your wood on the back porch?! You nasty b*st*rd! JFWY.

well lads what can i say it keeps me out off trouble and when the weathers good u might aswel sit out the back and take a chunk off wood in hand and do your stuff ; 😀

Hey Rabbits when you are working and you cut your self do you bleed sawdust. 😀 ❓ 😀 ❓

Are your sure your not part Beaver? You sure love to work the wood!

Very nice stuff

Cool. I’d like to see what you come up with for the finished product. Sure is a thick hunk of wood.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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