Some shooting with the "talondor .25"

Got my 24″ .25 cal and shroud from TalonTunes last week and finally getting aroung to a quick review and some pics. The shroud looks (is) incredibly long but I must give Anthony huge credit as it is so light that it doesn’t change the balance of the gun hardly at all! Just got to quit bumping things with the muzzle as it is about 3 inches longer than the 24″ barrel w/ bullseyebills frameextender. (The total lack of noise is completely worth the additional length) 31gr Kodiacs at 1000fps and she is so quiet she sounds broken (quieter than my daughters .177 qb78 on co2! 😀 )

I started with a talonss but about the same time as the new .25, got a condor hiflow tank and spent the first couple days balancing hammer weight and tophat setting.

Impact is amazing and can’t wait to go hunting. It is truly 100yd capable now (see pics below shot on a slightly windy day). I think 5shot 1″ groups are very possible with this rig on a calm day when I get everything dialed in. (Going to start feeding dry dogfood and corn below the tree where My 100 yd target sits, maybe get crows or a coyote off my back deck.)

First 100yd group (disregard top left “sighter”, judging for wind)

Second group (pulled the high left shot)

Spun brass christmas bell, (fun target), 100 YARDS, DAMN THIS THING HITS HARD 😀 😀 😀 😀

Got a couple small birds at 50 yds, but my cat beat me to the victims, so no pics. Suffice to say, the pellet impact with the .25 was louder than my .22 cal bbl hitting a solid tree branch. The first impact was so loud I thought I missed until I saw him tumbling from the treetop.

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Looks good.I feel sorry for the first taker that you spot at your dogfood buffet.

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